Hoping to bring a dog into your home? Some dog breeds are easier to own than others, especially for novice dog parents. To find the easiest dog breeds to own, we took a look at a variety of important characteristics. And you might be surprised by the traits that matter most.

Bringing a dog home is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life whether you are an adult or a child. However, the responsibilities that come along with that dog can be vast and families need to be prepared to take on the extra work that will be required of them to ensure their new family member has a great life.

best pet dogs

Regardless of whether a dog is a purebred or a mutt, these three factors can help you determine the best pet dogs to own:

Temperament – This is the dog’s personality. You should be looking for an agreeable temperament. For instance, a calmer dog has the ability to form strong bonds and be a great companion for your kids.

Size – Size alone does not determine whether a dog will be good with kids. Size should be looked at in relation to both temperament and energy level. Some larger dogs tend to be docile, while some smaller dogs can be excitable. 

For instance, if you have a family with small children, a large, rambunctious dog may inadvertently knock the children down.

Energy level – This is a matter of preference for your family. Be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide to a dog that needs more exercise than average. If you can’t meet a dog’s needs, his excess energy can lead to behavior problems down the road. 

If you are an avid runner and looking for a canine companion, a leisurely Basset Hound may not be the best match.

Some of the Best Pet Dogs to Own for Your Home  

The Golden Retriever 

Golden Retrievers originally came into prominence because of the desire for a medium-sized dog that would do well in wild-fowling, both upland game, and waterfowl. 

Today, the breed’s versatility, intelligence, and agreeable personality suit it for many purposes, and it has become one of the most successful, recognizable, and popular breeds in all areas of competition.

Golden retrievers are depicted as the quintessential family dog in movies and television from the ’90s sitcom “Full House” to the “Air Bud” movie franchise. 

Goldens are known for their super sweet, loving personalities; patience; and intelligence. Golden retrievers are another top pick for service as search and rescue, therapy, or comfort dogs.

Goldens are sweet, loyal, and incredible companion dogs. They’d rather be sleeping at your feet than running around outside without you.

They’re also very even-tempered, especially with small children. Goldens make great service and comfort dogs because of their friendly and tolerant attitudes.

Plus they were bred to retrieve ducks and other fowl for hunters, so if you like playing fetch, this is one of the best pet dogs to own for you. Also read about Golden Retriever Dog Breed, know everything about them.

Breed Overview

  • Group: Sporting (AKC)
  • Height: 21.5 to 24 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 55 to 75 pounds
  • Coat and Color: Silky, medium-length, double coat in yellow, golden, white, cream, and copper
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • BARKING – only when necessary 

The Labrador Retriever 

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in the United States for a reason. The breed is friendly, patient, and trainable. The breed is extremely versatile, doing everything including hunting, showing, dock diving, tracking, obedience.

From their sweet, loving personalities to their never-ending enthusiasm, there’s a lot to love about Labrador retrievers. They consistently rank year after year as the United States’ most beloved breed. Labs are known for their intelligence and good temperament. 

Bred as hunting dogs, they are excellent companions and more straightforward to train than other breeds; hence they work as service dogs for the blind, handicapped assistance, therapy dogs, and search and rescue.

Labrador best pet dogs

They are devoted and obedient and have even temperaments that make them good with both children and other animals.

Bred to be eager to please and playful companions, Labs are smart and commonly chosen as guide dogs and service dogs for blind or autistic individuals.

They also make understanding therapy dogs and can be trained to aid law enforcement and other official agencies by screening and detection work. So, if you are working with the authority then labrador is one of the best pet dogs to own. 

Breed Overview

  • Group: Sporting (AKC)
  • Height: 21.5 to 24 inches at the shoulder
  • Weight: 55 to 80 pounds
  • Coat and Color: Short, dense double coat in black, chocolate, yellow, or silvery grey
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years


While your family might be considering only purebred dogs, don’t count out mixed breeds. Mixed breeds often provide the best traits of two (or more!) great breeds in one dog. 

When you adopt a mixed-breed dog, you are saving the lives of two dogs—the dog you adopt, and the dog you’ve now made space for at the rescue.

By adopting, you can also get more behavioral background on the dog. The shelter or rescue workers spend their days caring for the dogs, so they can let you know about the ins and outs of a dog’s personality and habits.

In terms of size, if the dog is a mutt and also not fully grown, you might only get the best estimate on their size as an adult. Mutts are among the best adoptive types of pet dogs.  

Mutt best pet dogs

Bichon Frise

The bichon frise is a happy-go-lucky little dog, great for families with children or apartment living. It looks a bit like a bouncy cotton ball. 

This breed is a great all-around companion. Bichons are relatively easy to train, adapt well to any lifestyle, and only need moderate daily exercise to be happy and healthy. You will need to dedicate the time and money to regular visits to the groomer. 

This breed’s curly coat needs to be trimmed regularly and brushed carefully. For a lower-maintenance coat, keep your bichon’s hair cut short. If you are looking for an adorable one then the bichon frise is the best types of pet dogs you can own. 

bichon frise best pet dogs

There is one more dog breed like Bichon Frise, generally known as Shih Tzu Dog Breed.

Breed Overview

  • Group: Non-Sporting (AKC)
  • Height: 9 to 12 inches
  • Weight: 7 to 12 pounds
  • Coat and Color: Curly white coat; may have traces of apricot, buff, or cream
  • Life Expectancy: 14 to 15 years


Besides their often distinctive haircuts, the Poodle also happens to be a very smart and gentle dog and is often considered one of the best pet dogs to own.  

Proud and elegant, this dog breed is both caring and loyal and is seldom annoyed or bored. Poodles are available in both miniature and standard sizes, meaning you can choose the specific Poodle size that best matches your living environment. They’re great for kids with allergies, as they shed very little.

Each breed comes with different perks. The Standard Poodle breed, for example, is very obedient, smart, playful, and adventurous. Although they are often shy with strangers, they get along great with people and kids that they know.

Miniature Poodles, on the other hand, tend to dedicate themselves to one person in particular, but they are good with other pets and kids. They are smart, responsive, obedient, and playful.

No matter the particular breed of Poodle, however, their coats do require scheduled grooming poodle is a popular, versatile dog breed that makes a wonderful companion. The poodle is adaptable to its environment and can do very well in various households, including those with children. 

This breed comes in three sizes: toy, miniature, or standard. All are intelligent and respond well to training. Poodles are energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They need grooming regularly to maintain their curly, continually growing coats.

These dogs are one of the best pets dogs to own if you want to show off your furry friend! 

Poodle best pet dogs

Breed Overview

  • Group: Non-Sporting (AKC)
  • Height: Over 15 inches (standard); 10 to 15 inches (miniature); 10 inches and under (toy)
  • Weight: 45 to 70 pounds (standard); 15 to 18 pounds (miniature); 5 to 9 pounds (toy)
  • Coat and Color: One of many solid colors, including but not limited to white, black, grey, brown, apricot, and particolored
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 18 years

Irish Setter

Known for their red coat, the Irish Setter is playful and energetic, loves being around people, and plays well with children and thus these qualities make Irish setter one of the best pet dogs to own. 

In fact, this breed loves being with their family so much that they hate to be alone, which means they’re on their best behavior when surrounded by their loved ones. 

This dog needs lots of exercise and is a good match for energetic kids.

A smart and trainable companion, the Irish setter is perfect for people with a yard, and they’re great at greeting new people that come into your home, as well. 

Irish Setters do have a longer coat, so they will require regular grooming and brushing to prevent them from getting hair mats.

The Irish Setter, recognizable from media such as Big Red, first came into popular notice in the 18th century. The outgoing and trainable dog is the best pet dogs to own for active families, as the Irish Setter is high-energy and loves spending time outdoors.

Irish Setter

Breed Overview 

  • Personality: Outgoing, sweet-natured, active, and trainable
  • Energy Level: Very Active; High-energy dogs who love to run, Irish Setters need plenty of space and exercise
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with other dogs: Yes
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Weekly
  • Trainability: Response Well
  • Height: 27 inches (male), 25 inches (female)
  • Weight: 70 pounds (male), 60 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Barking Level: Barks When Necessary


On the other end of the size spectrum, Newfoundland can tip the scales at a jaw-dropping 100 to 150 pounds. These gentle giants excel at swimming, but they’ve also earned quite a rep as “nanny dogs” thanks to their patient and watchful nature. 

According to the breed standard, a sweet temperament is the most important trait, so if you have space, this fluffy creature could win you over.

Nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter,” the Newfoundland is considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, and these dogs just happen to love children and are very protective of them.


Gentle, kind, and patient, this breed is almost like the Mother Teresa of dogs. Both younger and older family members will quickly fall in love with this large, wonderfully sweet dog.

The Newfoundland best suits a family with large, open spaces, and although they are known to drool and shed excessively, they should not be left to live outdoors in the yard (no dog should). Their long coats will also require regular grooming and upkeep.

The Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and has been known to save lives in emergency situations. They are easily trained and quite task-oriented, so don’t be afraid to provide them with stimulation that requires a little extra work on their part. 

If you want to own an adorable yet obedient pet dog, then Newfoundland is one of the best types of pet dogs for you! 

Breed Overview:- 

  • Personality: Sweet, patient, devoted; Newfs are famously good companions
  • Energy Level: Somewhat active; Newfs like using their big, powerful bodies so they need some room to romp
  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Good with Other Dogs: Yes
  • Shedding: Seasonal
  • Grooming: Weekly brushing
  • Trainability: Easy training
  • Height: 28 inches (male), 26 inches (female)
  • Weight: 130-150 pounds (male), 100-120 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy: 9-10 years
  • Barking Level: Barks when necessary

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Final Words 

Dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and co-operation – all while playing and spending time joyfully all day. Hence, before you look for a pup, research well and see if the canine can adjust to your child’s habits and lifestyle. These mentioned breeds are some of the best pet dogs to own!