Are you noticing the signs of diarrhea? Though diarrhea in dogs is not a matter of concern for dog parents, especially if you have an adult dog, you need to treat your dog to make him feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, cleaning your dog’s mess around your home is not a negotiable part of being a dog owner. Many times, it may be an accident, but when your dog exhibits runny poop, this condition should not be taken lightly. Always keep in mind that diarrhea in dogs is something that can lead to a more complicated situation.

There are plenty of home remedies for dog diarrhea that every dog parent must know about. You should work on making your dog feel better in no time.

What Is Dog Diarrhea?

The watery stool is the primary sign of dog diarrhea. The dogs can exhibit this condition with frequent straining, frequent urge to go out, and soft poop than on normal days. If you see a streak along your dog’s behind, it indicates a watery poop.

Every dog owner is aware of their dog’s toilet needs. So, the best way to determine your dog’s condition is to compare their today’s situation with the normal days. This will help greatly in diagnosing diarrhea easily. 

What Occurs When A Dog Has Diarrhea?

There are numerous reasons for the occurrence of diarrhea. It completely depends on the part of the affected intestinal tract. You must know that the large intestine is the primary part that is liable for the reabsorption of water. So, when it comes to dog diarrhea, the main problem arises in the large intestine. 

When there is inflammation in the lining of the large intestine, it does not work properly in reabsorbing water. This, in turn, results in the soft and watery stool of your dog. This mostly happens in bacterial or viral infections. This inflammation along the lining of the large intestine also leads to breakage along the protective barrier. Due to this, water gets leaked from the intestine cells, which causes diarrhea in your dog.

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It does not stop here. Inflammation is also one of the main causes of increasing the rate of peristalsis of the intestinal part. It means, it will further cause increasing the transfer of the ingested food. This will cause poor absorption of the nutrient as well as water retention. Both these situations can lead to diarrhea in dogs.

If there is inflammation in the small intestine, it will result in slow nutrient absorption. Thus, there will be a soft stool, mostly fatty or frothy in appearance.

What Are The Causes Of Diarrhea In Dogs?

If you think that there should be restricted food your dog must eat, you are wrong. You might have many times that your dog is eating everything you give as if they have an iron stomach. But, the truth is that the digestive system of dogs is something that can be thrown off by anything. These are some Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach That Is Good For Them have a look.

When we talk about dog diarrhea, the main culprit, as per many vets, is ‘garbage gut’. This condition mostly occurs when your dog eats something that it should not. It can be anything, such as garbage or spoiled food. Dog diarrhea can also be caused due to overeating.

Other causes of dog diarrhea are:

  • Allergies
  • Parasites
  • Infections
  • Bacteria
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Poisonous Substances, such as onions, chocolate, grapes, etc.
  • Stress and Anxiety

You should work on finding the root cause of this condition. It is important to stop excessive and explosive excrement. For this, many dog owners prefer trying home remedies for dog diarrhea.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dog Diarrhea?

Apart from the fact, in case of diarrhea, your dog needs to go outside several times all through the day, here are some other symptoms of diarrhea. You should keep an eye on your dog for these possible signs.

  • Lethargy in the dog
  • Streaks of blood or mucus in the stool
  • Flatulence
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Going outside more than five times a day
  • Stain while going potty
  • Take longer time to excrete than before

Always remember that if your dog is dealing with diarrhea for more than 48 hours, they need to be treated by the vet. For symptoms, such as blood in the stool, it means you need to visit the vet as early as possible.

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What Are The Natural Remedies For Dog Diarrhea?

Keep your dog hydrated

Just like humans, dogs also need to be kept hydrated in order to stay healthy. It becomes more important when they are sick. Always keep their water bowl full and clean. Another way to make your dog drink the liquid and keep them hydrated is to give rice water.

According to Preventative vets, rice water works effectively when it comes to dog diarrhea. It contains all essential vitamins, minerals, and carbs that your pet needs when they are sick. It also helps in releasing gas which gives ease to your dog. It is a great remedy to enhance your dog’s digestive process.

Always remember that diarrhea can dehydrate your dog very easily. So, when you limit your dog’s food intake, they will have more access to fresh and clean water.

Fasting can help a lot

When your dog is dealing with diarrhea, one of the important natural remedies for dog diarrhea is to lessen gastrointestinal stress by giving their system time to reset. As per some reports, it has been found that if your dog does fasting for 24-hour, it works wonders for adult dogs with diarrhea. For puppies, 12-hours fasting is advised.

This remedy is not recommended for dogs with diabetes. When you limit your dog’s food intake, it will give a break to their digestive system. This will help in recovering from potential irritants. Don’t worry about your dog when they are skipping a meal or two. It is good to check with your vet before applying this remedy.

Pumpkin as a restorative treat

It is true that pumpkins are not just for fall decoration. They can also play a great role in providing nutrients, such as beta and alpha-carotene. Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamins that are quite effective in bringing your dog’s digestive system back to homeostasis.  

Pumpkin is a rich source of iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. Above all these nutrients, the pumpkin also contains a stool-bulking fiber. You just need to add a few tablespoons of pumpkin to your dog’s food, and it will work wonders on a sour stomach. So, this can be one of the beneficial home remedies for dog diarrhea.

Yogurt to restore gut flora

Many people are not aware of the yogurt benefit that it also acts as a stomach ache aid. As per the experts, unflavored and plain yogurt helps a lot in resetting your dog’s gut flora. No doubt that you can easily get pet probiotic compounds and digestive supplements from pet stores, but these things are not always required.

It is also recommended to talk to your vet before you give any unfamiliar medication or food to your dog. Make sure not to give a yogurt containing artificial sweetener xylitol because this substance is toxic to dogs. Giving yogurt to your dog can be quite relieving natural remedies for dog diarrhea.

Feed bland food

Now, it’s time to turn your dog to eat something with less flavor. It is also one of the best home remedies for dog diarrhea. The best idea is to give your dog a combination of rice and boiled chicken. But, at the same time, you should keep in mind that this mixture should be given in small amounts to prevent shocking his digestive system.

Make sure to take a skinless chicken, and the rice should be in more quantity in this meal. You should also check that your dog will not vomit this food later. It is better to avoid overeating. Once your dog feels better, and the stool seems better formed, you can feed the regular food slowly. Keep in mind that the reintroduction of regular food must be done slowly over a few days.

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Electrolyte Solutions

If your dog has mild bouts of diarrhea, you can go with other natural remedies for dog diarrhea. But, when the condition gets worse, you should give electrolyte solutions to your dog. Though these solutions are not easy to prepare at home, you can treat your dog’s diarrhea with this remedy. It will help in keeping your dog hydrated and prevent the loss of water in your dog’s body.

You can also add a little salt-free meat broth to the water bowl of your dog. This may encourage him to drink. But, if you notice electrolyte imbalances, you should see the vet immediately. Also, take your dog to the vet if diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours. See Veterinarian For Pets – How To Find A Vet For Your Pet.

Slippery Elm

It is an herb that is highly effective in soothing mucous membranes. Also, it is safe, which makes it one of the beneficial home remedies for dog diarrhea. It works well on your dog’s sore digestive tract.

You can give this herb with food. All you have to do is to give 1/4 teaspoon of powder for each 10 pounds of body weight. Though this slippery elm helps in coating the stomach, it should be avoided within 2 hours of medication.


What are the reasons for having diarrhea in your dog?

There can be several reasons for dog diarrhea. Some of them include:

  • If your dog ate something that he should not eat
  • If your dog is stressed or anxious due to any situation
  • If you have changed your dog’s food suddenly
  • If your dog has a viral or bacterial infection
  • If your dog has parasites

When should you take your dog to the vet?

If your dog is dealing with diarrhea for more than two days or has blood or mucus in the poop or vomiting, or showing any sign of being in pain, you should call the vet right away. The vet may suggest you see the condition for a couple of days, but he will also provide you with some details on what to watch for.

All dog parents should know that diarrhea in dogs can be a stress-free situation or a life-threatening illness. So, if you are worried about something, simply contact your vet. Calling a vet will not take a dollar, but it will ease your mind.

What human foods can cause diarrhea in dogs?

Many dog owners make the mistake of feeding their dogs a little bit off their plates. Some even feed their dogs a bowl of kibble with something yummy over it. We know that temptation is real, but you should not do this.

Always remember that a dog’s digestive system is quite different from humans. Generally, dogs are not capable of digesting large volumes of fat. Also, they are not well-equipped for any amount in excess. Treats high in salt and sugar are also harmful to their digestive systems. 

If you want to give human food to your dog, you can give certain fruits and vegetables only, such as green beans, carrots, apples, etc.

What is the general cost of treating dog diarrhea?

If you consult the vet for a mild case of diarrhea, it may cost $100 – $200 for an examination, parasite testing, and anti-diarrheal medications. If your dog has chronic or severe diarrhea, it will be more costly. The testing for diagnosing chronic diarrhea or in case it requires hospitalization can cost thousands of dollars.