Terms & Conditions

Throughout this ‘terms & Conditions’, we have used we, our, and us that refer to ProPetCares. Visiting this blog or using any of its services means you agree to the following terms and conditions. These are applied to all users of our blog.

Changes in the blog

ProPetCares has the right to make any change in the blog or discontinue any of our services at any time without any notice. We also reserve the right to modify any content at any time. If you use our blog, you agree to any such change.

No permission to copy

We provide our users permission to access the content and other information available on our blog. But, you have no right to change, copy, publish, or distribute any content directly or indirectly. You may use the content or any kind of offered information for your personal or non-commercial use only.

ProPetCares do not allow you to use its name, logo, or trademark in any way. You agree not to use any content as a publisher or the distributor of ProPetCares. You are also forbidden to use the listed products or content for the benefit of a third party. No one is allowed to reproduce or transmit content or any other information on any website or blog.

Prohibited use of the services

Using ProPetCares means you are forbidden to use any service or any kind of content on our blog for any illegal or prohibited activity. You have no right to use our services or content in any way that may hamper the reputation of ProPetCares. Our team reserves the right to terminate any service if anything found erroneous.

Products via affiliate links

The main aim of ProPetCares is to provide advice, tips, and guidance related to different pets, such as dogs and cats. We may also include products in our contents to help our readers in making their shopping easier.

We are not liable for the quality and material of the products you purchase as the recommendation of the affiliate links. If you are not satisfied with the product due to any reason, we are not accountable for any related issue in any way. Our aim is to help you find the products to keep your pets in a good condition. We are also not liable for any kind of issue related to transactions or anything with the third party. You are the only answerable person for whatever issue arises with the third party.

Acceptance of privacy policy

Using ProPetCares services indicates your acceptance of our privacy policy. Before using our blog in any way, make sure to read our privacy policy. We have the right to modify our privacy policy at any time without any notice.

If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, you can contact us anytime you want.