If you are a cat owner, you may very well know the fact that choosing cat food is not always an easier task. Being a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to fulfill your cat’s basic needs. When it is about the nourishment requirements, it must be changed over time.

If you want your fur friend to have a dietary experience, you have to consider serving her the best dry cat food along with other food you normally give. When you prepare dry cat food at home, it will leave the nutritional needs and sanitization procedures. So, it is advised to consider opting for commercially prepared freeze dried cat food.

You must know that dry cat food is well-balanced and are also very delicious that your cat will love to have it in the food bowl all the time. Not only these dry foods are convenient and inexpensive, but they are also pretty easier to store and can be easily cleaned away.

We all understand that giving your cat the best in life is something that every cat owner strives for. So, you must work on giving a health-conscious diet to your cat to ensure that your fur companion is well-nourished, strong, and happy.

Here is the list of some of the recommended freeze dried cat food as excellent options for cat parents looking for a well-balanced diet for their cats.

Best Dry Cat Food

First of all, let’s have a look at what does freeze dried cat food means.

What is Freeze Dried Cat Food?

Some people find this term fancy, while some find it complicated to understand. This food is a combination of meats and veggies that are made through a freezing and drying process. They are prepared by sucking all of the moisture from their ingredients.

This kind of cat food is not only safe and have extended shelf life of fresh ingredients, they are also considered as one the easiest way to provide all-natural ingredients to your cat. While undergoing the preparation process, the cuts of meat and organs are used without any kind of filler or preservatives. 

You require adding a bit of water in order to rehydrate the shelf-stable formula. Always keep in mind that freeze dried cat food is different from frozen raw cat food (these foods are stored in the freezer, and you have to thaw them before serving).

Also, most of the freeze-dried foods for cats are made with ingredients, such as lamb, salmon, mussels, and rabbits, as these ingredients make cats feel royalty. These foods are also beneficial for their overall health and digestion than kibble and most wet food.

What to Look for When Buying Freeze Dried Cat Food?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the best dry cat food. It is very important to give healthy and balanced food to your cat. A few key factors to consider when selecting a new food for your pet include:

High-quality ingredients

Never assume that if you are going to buy raw food, you need not check for the ingredients. You have to get the one that contains the terms, such as GMO-free and sustainably sourced. You should avoid taking food containing unnecessary legumes, corn, or grains.

Ease of use

When you are planning to give a freeze-dried diet to your cat, it requires a little work as compared to giving kibble or wet food. It is so because you have to soak freeze dried food in warm water or broth before serving it. But, you can also find some brands that offer dry food that can be served as they are or can be broken into small niblets. 

Check other pet parents’ reviews

Being a cat owner, you must know that some brands and foods work better for some cats, while for some, not. If you want to know the stories of other pet parents or want to know what they give to their cats, you must consider going through some verified customer reviews. It will help you to understand what formulas can be best for your cat.

Some Freeze-dried Cat Food

Stella & Chewy’s Yummy Lickin’ Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

If you are looking for high protein, you can consider giving this as the best dry cat food for your pet. This food contains salmon and chicken, along with other protein options as well. This food from Stella and Chewy’s also contains organs, bones, pumpkin, and probiotics as they are helpful in the digestion of your cat.


You can serve this food in two ways. One, as it is or you can also add water to rehydrate it. Make sure to use cool water and never use hot water to rehydrate it. It is so because when you will add hot water, it will cook the ingredients, as a result of which, it will defeat serving raw food. Also, it will dry the ground bone and will make it brittle.

This food does not contain any grain, gluten, filler, preservatives, or artificial colors. Also, the taste of this food is so delicious that even your picky cat will love to have it again and again.

Vital Essentials Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

If you want to give raw food to your cat for breakfast and dinner, you may have plenty of options. Some pet parents prefer to give raw treats to their cats on occasion only. But, when you have Vital Essential as one of the best dry cat food, you can give it to your cat anytime you want.

Giving this food to your cat means giving a source of protein to her that does not contain any grains, fillers, artificial colors, preservatives, or added hormones. Your cat may love these treats so much that she will start looking for the snack drawer in search of her favorite treat.

Smalls Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

If you are planning to introduce a freeze-dried raw diet to your cat, it can be a great adjustment for your cat. Switching from wet or dried kibble food to something new can be troublesome for some cats. But, giving soft dry cat food to your cat from Smalls can make this task easier. All thanks to the small-sized packaging as they are quite affordable.


You need not buy a large package, especially when you are trying to giving freeze-dried food for the first time. So, you can start with a sample box that is also available in multiple flavors. It will help you to find the best flavor for your cat without spending money on buying a large amount of food at once. This way, you will be able to find the most convenient freeze-dried food for your cat.

Feline Natural Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Feline Natural is a New Zealand-based brand that is known for providing some of the best dry cat food all over the world. All foods are made with sustainability and health at the forefront. Most of the recipes include green-lipped mussels and grass-fed lamb. These foods are formulated with the aim to give great taste to cats by following the eco-friendly approach for their store-bought food.

This food also contains free-range meat and sustainably caught fish, where it includes 99% meat and organs. It does not contain legumes, grain-based fillers, or GMO ingredients. Moreover, this food is easy to prepare and serve. You can serve it as a complete meal or you can choose to give it as a topper on your cat’s food.

Feline Best Dry Cat Food

Instinct Raw Meals Freeze-Dried Cat Food

Are you looking for soft dry cat food? You must always give healthy and balanced food to your cat. This freeze-dried cat food from Instinct is a mixture of 85% protein and 15% stomach-friendly veggies. No matter what age your cat has, this food is suitable for cats of all ages.

It helps in achieving leaner muscles, stronger bones, and healthier fur. In addition to these, this food is also helpful in improving your cat’s digestive system. The combination of ingredients is said to be helpful in making the little box much less smelly.

Instinct Best Dry Cat Food

It has small pieces that enable cats to chew them without any need of breaking them into smaller pieces. It does not include any kind of grain, corn, wheat, soy, colors, or preservatives. Also, this brand is relatively affordable than other brands of the same quality.

Primal Freeze-Dried Nuggets For Cats

If you are thinking of introducing something new to your cat, you can consider trying this best dry cat food. This food contains hormone-free meat, organs as well as freshly ground bone. Moreover, this food can be the best option for those who are concerned about giving their cats enough protein and calcium.

This food comes in an easy to chew nugget shapes. These nuggets are made to be pressed and broken to small sizes, thus giving your cat tasty food, which is very similar to traditional wet food. If you are worried about your picky eater, this brand is something that would be a great option for you.

Primal Best Dry Cat Food

This food is formulated in the USA using sustainably sourced ingredients. You can choose one from multiple formulas. You can try giving your cat all formulas and find the best of her.

Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Kitten Recipe

This food from Merrick Backcountry is designed by keeping in mind the specific health requirement of kittens. This food contains ingredients that are quite helpful in the healthiest start of their life. It contains high-protein kibble, raw poultry pieces in a freeze-dried state, and antioxidant-rich veggies. You will be able to give plenty of protein from chicken and turkey to your cat.

It also includes DHA omegas and probiotics. All these ingredients are highly beneficial in boosting the healthy gut flora of kittens and are also helpful in making strong bones from the beginning. This food is highly recommended for young kittens. Also, it is free from grains, wheat, corn, or gluten.

Merrick Best Dry Cat Food

With chicken as the main ingredient, it is a flavorful formula that makes it easier for you to introduce a raw diet to your kitten. You can serve it alone as dry food or can be mixed with wet food.

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PureBites Freeze Dried Cat Treats

Are you looking to shift your cat’s diet? Are you not sure if it is good to give fried dried cat food? If yes, then you can consider picking some of the packages from PureBites and give some enjoyable treats to your cat. These healthy treats are a great option to include some healthy freeze-dried food in your cat’s diet.

It is made with one ingredient i.e., USA-raised chicken breast. You can find this food in other flavors as well, such as salmon, chicken, shrimp, and tuna. It is high in protein and gives approximately 2 calories per treat.


This food provides you a chance to give some all-natural nutrients without any filler or added sugar. It provides you a great way to make your cat interested in more natural food. You can start giving this food to your cat as a treat replacement. Another way is to sprinkle some of it on top of the usual kibble or wet food.

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Which food is best – wet cat food or dry cat food?

If you are wondering that whether you should feed wet or dry food to your cat, you must know that each type of food has its pros and cons. So, sometimes, it becomes hard to decide what to give your cat. Some experts suggest giving a mixture of both foods – wet and dry. It is recommended to include 75% of wet cat food while 25% of dry food. It will help in giving them a sufficient amount of nutrients.

Can dry cat food be stale?

Like other pet food, dry cat food can also become stale. So, you must check the ‘expiry’ or ‘best by’ date to ensure that you are giving fresh food to your cat. The best way to preserve dry food properly is to keep it in its original packaging only. It is so because the packaging of these foods is designed to maintain the freshness of the food as long as possible.

Once you open this packaging, make sure to seal it properly to avoid air exposure as it can cause degradation of the food. So, you must store dry cat food in a cool, dry place and keep it away from sun rays as it can lead the temperature and humidity to rise in the food bag.

What is the best dry cat food?

The best dry cat food is the one that contains high-quality protein. These foods contain fewer veggies and are also free of additives and preservatives that may harm your cat over time.