We all know that becoming a pet owner for the first time is always exciting. If you are thinking of becoming a dog owner, you might have thoughts about what kind of dog you must have. But, before you start thinking of a particular breed, it is extremely important to know that not all dogs are suitable for first-time dog owners.

There are so many best dogs for first time owners, so you may find it hard to choose the one for you. Before you take your furry companion at home, there are certain things that you need to consider getting the best that you can handle with ease.

The dogs for first time owners must match your energy and attention. Like, if you want a dog that can play and run with you, you have to consider an athletic dog with endurance. Similarly, if you want a lazy lap dog, then the best idea is to avoid high-energy dog breeds.

When looking for first time dog owner breeds, it is advised to prefer a low-maintenance dog breed, especially when you don’t have enough time for grooming. Foster dogs are the best choice for first time owners as these dogs are house-trained and well-socialized.

You need to think so much to prepare yourself and your home for a new family member that could be with you for 12 years or more.

Are you looking for the best dog breeds for first time owners? Just check the given breeds and choose the one that is perfect for you and your family.

Best Dogs Breeds For First Time Owners

Bichon Frise

This dog breed is happy-go-lucky and is a perfect choice for families having kids or apartment living. This dog looks like a bouncy cotton ball and is a great companion for you. As compared to other dogs for first time owners, these dogs are easy to train. Moreover, they have the nature of getting adapted to any lifestyle easily. Bichon Frise needs moderate daily exercise to keep this companion happy and healthy.

bichon frise dogs for first time owners

It requires less maintenance than other dog breeds. You need to take him to the regular visits to the groomer. If you want to get Bichon Frise, you must know that its curly coat requires trimming on a regular basis. Also, you have to brush him carefully. To get a lower-maintenance coat, it is recommended to keep his hair cut short.

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If you want to get a dog with a medium to large high-energy dog, nothing would be better than a playful boxer. This is one of the loyal first time dog owner breeds that form a close bond with family in a short time. If you are a person who lives a reasonably active lifestyle, a boxer can be the best choice for you. This dog needs lots of exercises and a strong base of training that keeps him active all day long.

Young boxers are more hyperactive, which makes them easier to train, and also they enjoy attention during training. Once you train this dog breed, they become more socialized and become more active in households. They can be the best companion for kids. They are guardians by nature, which makes them naturally protective of their families, particularly kids. In addition to this, the boxer requires basic grooming.

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever dogs are eager to please and are one of the excellent breeds for children of all ages. This dog breed is loyal, affectionate, and very active. More to this, this is one of the best dog breeds for first time owners due to their intelligence and adaptability in most households. These dogs need moderate exercise to keep them in good health and prevent boredom.

Training of these dogs is not difficult as golden retrievers love to learn and can easily be trained to perform several activities.  You must have to brush them regularly to keep their coats tangle-free and mats-free.

Golden retriever dogs for first time owners

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Labrador Retriever

This is one of the most popular first time dog owner breeds. They are well known for adapting to most environments and are suitable for kids as well. These dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate. They make close bonds with their families in a short time. They are known as the active, playful, and intelligent dog breed. This breed require plenty of exercise and training. It means if you have enough time to enjoy your dog, a Labrador retriever can be the best breed for you.

These dogs love to learn, and you can train them for various activities, such as fetching, running, and snuggling. They have a little grooming need, such as regular brushing and minimal shedding.


If you are looking for the best dogs for first time owners that are happy, friendly, and adaptable, you can consider making Papillon your favorite furry family member. These dogs can perform well in a variety of households and can have a great time with kids, but they must be kind and gentle. These little dogs enjoy a somewhat active lifestyle. They can also become your best exercise partner.

Papillon dogs for first time owners

These lap dogs want to play and run around as part of the exercise. These dogs are easy to train and need only moderate grooming.


These dainty and sweet little lap dogs can be your best companion. Though these dogs make close bonds with a single owner, they can also be a great companion for the whole family. These dogs enjoy well with older kids and are also capable enough to adapt to several situations. They require daily basic exercise that makes them happy and energetic all day long. They must be trained because without training, they may become stubborn and feisty.

Luckily, Pomeranian gives a great response to consistent and positive training. They look bright and moderately active because of their big fluffy coats. Though the coat looks big and furry, it does not require high maintenance. All you have to do is regular brushing to keep your small companion looking good.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you want a highly friendly and adaptable dog breed to add a furry companion to your family, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can be the best dog breed for you. You can take these dogs anywhere you want without any problem. As they are intelligent, they learn and can be trained quickly. You will not find any difficulty in giving training to this dog breed. They have the ability to learn new commands in 30-40 repetitions. It means if you are a first-time dog owner, you can train them easily.

In addition to their energetic and resilient nature, these little dogs are very affectionate. The most affectionate behavior of this dog breed is curling up on your lap after spending a long day. Also, you will love this when this small dog curls on your lap as they will love being near you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs for first time owners require regular grooming to maintain their long coats. You will find this task a fun bonding experience. At the same time, you must also know that these dogs may suffer separation anxiety when left alone.


Because of their versatility, these are the best dog breeds for first time owners that can be trained easily. Like other first-time dog owner breeds, the poodle is also adaptable to any kind of household and situation. They can be of miniature toy to medium size, but they are always intelligent, no matter what size they are. Moreover, these dogs are energetic, which means they require as much exercise as possible.

If you choose a poodle to be a new companion, keep in mind that they need regular grooming as their coat grows continually that must be maintained properly. Actually, the dead fur is likely to stay on their coat, so to remove the dead fur they require regular brushing. In addition to this, the poodle asks for a lot of attention from the owner.

Yorkshire Terrier

Are you looking for a lap-sized dog breed? If yes, then Yorkshire Terrier may be the best choice for first-time owners. These dogs are affectionate and loyal towards their owners. You can also notice protective behavior from these dogs when around strangers. A short walk every day is enough to keep these dogs healthy.

Moreover, these dogs require firm training to work on their stubbornness and being vocal. You have to train them in a way as if you are giving training to a big dog. It will help in strengthening your bond with your companion and will also work great in keeping them shy away. 

Make sure to train them entirely as they can become barkers and save your family from outsiders or strangers. They have continually grooming hair; therefore, they need extensive grooming. You have to brush and trim their hair regularly.


If you are eager to get the lowest maintenance dog breed, you can think of getting Greyhound as the best choice for you. A 30 minutes’ walk a day is enough for these dogs. You must also know that these dogs are not meant for stamina, they live for speed. They have the ability to easily settle into households. They get easily adjusted with kids and all other puppies.

These dogs can learn any kind of game from their human companion. On one side where hunting breeds require direction, Greyhound finds their own way. They require minimal grooming as they have a short and smooth coat. Also, these dogs can spend hours alone and do not find themselves lonely in any way.

When you have Greyhound, you must also consider one thing i.e. boredom. So, keep your training short and concise. You need not be hard during training due to their sensitive personality. Always keep in mind that these dogs for first time owners are more interested in doing activities with you instead of doing them for you.

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What is the best low-maintenance dog?

Greyhound dogs are considered to be the lowest maintenance as compared to other dog breeds on the list. They do not show interest in long walks, rather a 30-minutes’ walk is enough for Greyhound. Also, these dogs are trained for speed instead of stamina. Due to this, they can easily be trained and make a close bond with all family members.

What is the best all-round dog breed?

For first-time pet owners, Golden Retriever is taken as the best all-round dog. These dogs are extremely trainable as there is no need to give them commands more than times to make them learn new things. Though they are destructive, you can calm them easily with training. This can be your best dog to own and train.

What dog breeds should a first-time owner avoid?

If you are looking for a dog breed to become a first-time owner, you should avoid some dog breeds as they may be difficult to handle and may require some experience to make them your companion. These include beagles, Border Collies, Dalmatians, Shiba Inus, and Siberian Huskies.