You can’t resist loving a dog with well-maintained and gorgeous long hair. Are you thinking of owning a long-haired dog? Great! But by considering certain important things, you can become one of the best dog owners. Having a long-haired dog at home is not an easy task as they require extra care.

To keep their hair healthy and luscious, they require hours of brushing and thorough grooming. You have two options – going with hours of maintenance or cutting your dog’s hair short. Some long haired dog breeds have thick and dense coats, and some have silky and fine coats, while some are known for corded coats.

When we talk about dogs’ coats, it does not only determine how they actually look or their purpose of the breed, but they also define how much care they require. It is a must for potential owners to look into the level of maintenance their dog needs before committing to one.

When you look for dogs with long hair, you will find different coat types between breeds. Even the amount of grooming your dog needs varies considerably between these breeds.

Here, we are going to share some long haired dog breeds that you may have never seen except in the dog shows or events.

Afghan Hound

These long haired dog breeds have a long and silky coat. It is one of the hallmark characteristics of this breed. The Afghan hound is one of the ancient breeds which are almost thousands of years old. We can also say that this dog breed is one of the oldest long haired dog breeds on this list. They have a lifespan of 12-14 years.

The thick coat of these dogs protects them from the cold climate in the eastern mountains of Afghanistan.  They have keen eyesight and quick speed that help them in hunting prey.

Afghan Hound long haired dog breeds

Due to their long coat, they need a significant amount of care. So, when you get the one, be prepared yourself for many hours of brushing a week. They also require regular bathing. Just make sure to use good quality shampoo and conditioner.

Bearded Collie

These long haired dogs are not only popular for their profuse beard, but they are also well-known for their long shaggy coat. These dogs were originated in Scotland, almost hundreds of years ago. At that time, they were respected as sheepherders and cattle drovers.

If you are looking for a bouncy, athletic, and energetic dog with long hair, a Bearded collie is the best choice for you. They have a two-layered coat, where the outer coat is straight, harsh, and shaggy, while the undercoat is soft and furry. To prevent getting mats and tangles, they need regular grooming, including brushing and combing on a regular basis.

Bearded Collie long haired dog breeds

You can also give them occasional baths to keep their coat well-maintained. The main benefit of owning this dog breed is less shedding. They have a life expectancy of 12-14 years.

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When you see these dogs having a long, fluffy white coat, you will find them looking like having a soft cloud on their body. These dogs with long haired were named on their birthplace, Bologna, Italy. This is one of the popular long haired dog breeds that have won the hearts of many people due to their calm, sweet-tempered, and faithful nature.

This breed was almost finished in the 20th century, but to the passion and hard work of some breeders, they were preserved. You don’t need to worry about shedding their long, cottony coat. But, it does not mean they need less maintenance. Just like other long haired dogs, they also need daily brushing to protect their coat from being tangled.

Bolognese long haired dog breeds

Many Bolognese owners prefer to cut their coats to reduce their grooming needs. You can expect this pet dog with you for 12-14 years of their age.


This is the only dog breed that is native to Cuba. This breed has received the Havanese on the island nation’s capital city of Havana. These dogs have a luxurious, long, and silky coat. You will find these long haired dogs highly social, friendly, and intelligent. Due to these characteristics, they are counted in the list of popular long haired dog breeds.

They have a wavy coat that keeps on getting longer. So, to prevent their coat from being tangled and matted, you need to brush their coat daily. You can also opt for trimming their coat as it will be easier to maintain and need less brushing. No doubt, these dogs look wonderful with cords, but they will need serious maintenance.

Havanese long haired dog breeds

The best way to keep them safe from tangles is to make sections and check them frequently to find the possible mats. Havanese can live for up to 14-16 years.

Shih Tzu

The meaning of Shih Tzu in Chinese is a lion. These dogs with long haired were popular with royals for hundreds of years. Due to their pushed-in face and highly flowing long coat, they resemble a little lion. They are extremely preferred by the people who love long-haired dogs. They are affectionate, lively, and outgoing.

These dogs have straight, smooth, and silky coats. Many people prefer trimming their coats to avoid putting hours in their maintenance. But, if you let their coat grow, they can easily reach the ground. Due to their coat length and density, they need professional grooming as well as coat maintenance on a regular basis.

Shih Tzu long haired dog breeds

You have to brush, comb, bath, dry, and trim their coat frequently. Always keep in mind that the shorter coat is easier to care for. The life expectancy of Shih Tzu is 10-16 years.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers have gained a reputed position in the list of dogs with long haired. They have extremely fine, long, and silky hair that looks like human hair. They need regular grooming because their hair grows constantly. If you are looking for a low-shed pet dog, you can think of owning Yorkie, especially those with allergies.

When their hair sheds, you can find them all around your home, just like losing your hair on occasion. The puppies of this breed have darker patterns and a thicker texture, which start lightens out in the next two years of their life.

Yorkshire Terrier

These dogs are very fearless, active, and playful. Though they are small is size, they can be your best companion when given proper care and attention. These dogs can live up to 16 years.

Coton de Tulear

These dogs are also known as the royal dog of Madagascar. They are white in color and are popular for their outgoing, bright, and charming personalities. Though these dogs are small, they are not fragile. They have a fluffy coat that is quite soft to the touch. Their coat requires regular grooming.

Just like several other pet dogs, Coton de Tulear does not thrive when they are left alone at home for several hours. They are more likely to experience separation anxiety. If you have a busy daily schedule or spend most of your time out of the home, it would be good to look for other dogs with long haired.

Coton de Tulear

You might have already seen this dog breed with a bow on their heads. Many owners prefer to tie their long hair to improve the vision of their dogs. These dogs have a life expectancy of up to 17-19 years.


If you love to own a lapdog, Pekingese can be your best choice on this list. These dogs were highly preferred by Chinese royalty, who liked to own small dogs with luxurious coat. They have a long, thick, and double coat that requires significant care and maintenance. Due to their coat appearance, they usually look wider and tall.

Owing Pekingese means you have to brush them frequently. They also need baths on a regular basis. These activities are required to keep your dog healthy and happy always. You can also keep your dog clipped cuts down on grooming. This will help them remain cool, especially during summer.

Pekingese Long Haired dogs

If they are not socialized properly, they may be aggressive towards strangers and visitors or anyone that they feel may be a threat to their owner. They have a lifespan of up to 12-14 years.


These long haired dogs have a single layer. Their hair can grow so long that they touch the ground. Some people also opt for their hairstyling in a number of ways. Some choose to crop their dog’s hair short on the body and long on the head and tail. There are endless options available.

Maltese long haired dog breeds

Some owners prefer to keep their Maltese coats short, because long coats need a lot of care and maintenance. When you go for short hair, it will be waved or slightly curled. But, when they grow, the weight of the hair starts getting straightened the strands.

You must also know that these dogs are also stubborn, which makes it a little challenging to train them. They have a life of up to 15 years.

Lhasa Apso

It is one of the ancient Tibetan breeds that were bred with the aim to use as watchdogs in palaces and Buddhist monasteries. This breed has also been prized for centuries, even approached by the Dalai Lama. These dogs have a heavy, straight, and double coat. Though their fur shed very little, they need thorough brushing at least 2-3 times a week.

To keep them healthy, you need to take them to the professional groomer for regular trimming. They are highly intelligent and confident. They also remain cool towards strangers. Due to their long coat, they may need you to pull back their hair out of the eyes. Lhasa Apso can live for up to 15 years.

Lhasa Apso long haired dog breeds


If you know about the Komondor dog breed, we can say that Puli is a cousin of Komondor. The long hair of these dogs rarely sheds. They have thinner cords that form naturally when both inner and outer coats tangle with one another. Many people choose to own Puli and Komondor, both to guard the herd.

You must also know that Pulis work during the day, while Komondors serve the purpose of night watchdogs. Pulis have white, gray, or even cream-colored cords that help greatly in providing them warmth and protection. But, if you own Puli, you need to give extra care to their coat to prevent painful matting. 


They need regular grooming so that their cords remain clean, neat, and attractive. Their hair can be trimmed short even though they lose their distinctive look when trimmed. These dogs are easy to train, which makes them great candidates for farm jobs. They are also known for their obedience. Pulis has a lifespan of 13-15 years.

Tibetan Terrier

These long haired dogs are also known as ‘Holy dog of Tibet’. These dogs can live strongly against the extreme climate and tough terrain of Tibet. Earlier, these dogs were served as watchdogs and companions in Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet for hundreds of years.

These dogs can be found in a variety of colors – single colors and mixed patterns. They are highly cheerful, loyal, and loving. They are extremely faithful to their owners. They have a protective double coat that includes a smooth outer coat and a soft, wooly undercoat. They require regular grooming, so make sure to brush their coat 2-3 times a week.

Tibetan Terrier

Some owners prefer to keep their dog’s coat short by trimming as it becomes easier to groom and take care of. You can expect these dogs at your home for 14-16 years.

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Final Words

When it comes to long haired dog breeds, they come in varied shapes, sizes, and personalities. This list of the best long-haired dogs will help you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget, of course, your daily schedule as well.

If you want to own a dog with long hair, you must be prepared with the fact that they need some level of grooming, even some extra level from ordinary dogs. So, consider these points when you choose a dog for your household.

Having a dog means you are going to have a ton of fun and your lifetime companion.