Glad to hear that you are looking for a four-legged, furry pet. It is also true that some of your family members may ask for a dog while some will want to get a cute little cat. This common argument may disturb your family for a few days because some consider that cats are not affectionate like dogs.

The truth is that whether you own a cat or dog, you have to give some time to your pet to make him/her affectionate. Some of the best cat breeds care less about their owners, while some love social connections with their favorite people.

Some of the cats have gained popularity due to their appearance in movies or series and have achieved positive experiences that left an impression on cat lovers. The cat owners prefer two characteristics – affection level and playfulness, in a kitty. 

Here, we have shared 10 best car breeds to own if you want a day and night cuddler.

Few Of The Best Cat Breeds


If you are looking for the best pet cat breeds that can become your affectionate companion, ragdolls can be the ideal choice for you. These cats are lovable and require low maintenance. If you love owning a cat that will remain with you all the time, you can think of this cat breed.

These cats are known for following their favorite humans from one place to another and love to greet them when they come home after a long day. These cats also love playing games like fetch. They are also friendly with kids and other pets in your home. Thus, you will be happy to see a great family of pets.

Ragdoll best cat breeds

You will be pleased to get plenty of cuddles when you welcome a Ragdoll cat into your home and life. These cats are quite popular as one of the friendliest cat breeds. They love spending time with their owner and love to follow them even when they are too busy for hugs.

Your cat can’t resist flopping into your arms whenever you hold her. After spending a few days with your cat, you will feel happy and satisfied with your decision to get a cat into your life.

Scottish Fold

What make this cat breed more popular and attractive are the ears. Cat lovers prefer to own this cat breed because of the unique look. Scottish Fold developed a gene due to which their ears are folded forward. Due to the look, cat breeders started breeding these cats to get pets with wonderful folds. 

Scottish Fold

In addition to the ears as the special feature of this cat breed, these cats are also affectionate and social. Like ragdoll cats, these cats also don’t like living alone. It means if you spend most of the day out, this cat breed may not be the right pet for you. If you have time to spend with your cat, you may have found one of the best pet cat breeds.

These cats are always ready to participate in all activities, which may make you think that your pet has no idea she is actually a cat, not a human. They create a strong bond with the human family. But, it may become a challenging task if their routine is disturbed. Due to this reason, owners are advised to avoid rearranging the furniture too often.

Anyone can easily fall in love with their folded ears and their way of sitting on their back legs. Getting this cat means you have found the friendliest cat breed ever.

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Persian is one of the most popular and best cat breeds in North America. These cats have long, flowy coats, and this feature is enough to become great fans of these cats. Also, these cats are the most lovable pets due to their calm and affectionate temperament. If you want to get a new pet for your kid, Persian can be one of the best pet cat breeds to own.

Persian kittens are very active, but when they grow, they become less energetic. These cats are happy spending time on the couch and feel at ease and happy when you scratch their ears or with gentle hand contact.

Persian best cat breeds

You can find your cat eagerly waiting for you to sit so that they can jump and find their comfortable place on your lap. Though they love petting sessions, it is unclear if they are still interested in their human owners. It is an extremely relaxed and friendly cat. Their furry coats and eyes have the power to steal the heart of any human, and they spend most of their time sitting quiet and calm. Anyone can easily become a fan of this cute pet.

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If you are looking to get a cat that can spend more time with you and who can connect with you, Siamese can be the best decision. Getting this cat breed into your life means you have to be prepared for long conversations with your cute vocal pet. Siamese is also one of the best cat breeds to own as they are exceptionally social.

A distinctive masked look and remarkable pale blue eyes can attract any human around them.  The look and affectionate personalities have made these Siamese cats popular among cat lovers across the world.

Siamese best cat breeds

If you are throwing a party in your living room, these cats will happily join the party and will love to be socialized. They will also follow you to the bedroom or any room you go to. They love to be around people and also like to play with toys to keep them entertained.

These cats are also smart and curious. It means you need to be surprised when you find your cat in the spaces which you thought they could not fit.


Though this cat breed is quite rare in North America, they have a dedicated following. Cat lovers love to own this cat breed. These cats are so loving, people-oriented, and lively. They have a sleek, black coat and striking copper eyes that make them more attractive. Their look is enough to stand out among other best cat breeds around the world.

Once you meet this curious and cute Bombay cat, you will surely admire them for their beauty. Their eyes are something that seems like constantly gearing up for Halloween. They love to spend time with their owner.

Bombay best cat breeds

They will greet you like anything when you come home after a long day and will also follow you until you give your time for some playful activities. Their nature does not allow their owners to even think of spending much time away from home. The ideal Bombay owner will not be out of home for long stretches of time.


Cat breeders usually looked to create a loving, affectionate, and social cat breed with the aim of getting intelligent and less vocal cats than the Siamese cat. Do you know that the Tonkinese cat breed was produced from the cross-breeding of the Siamese and Burmese breeds? The breeders wanted to get a breed that included the best characteristics of both these breeds.

This cat breed is also called Tonks, and they love to spend time with humans. This is one of the best pet cat breeds that are quite popular among cat lovers for their friendly, active, and extremely affectionate nature.

tonkinese best cat breeds

These cats take playtime seriously, and they live well with other animals and children. Moreover, this cat breed is well known for enjoying puzzles. After spending the whole day actively, these cats get some quality nap time.  You will even love to watch our cat sleeping peacefully.

American Shorthair

When you talk about ‘housecat’ in the U.S., the very first breed that comes to your mind is the American shorthair. American shorthair is one of the best cat breeds to own in North America. Their affectionate personality and distinct coats make this cat breed one of the preferable pets for people.

The coats of these cats have a wide variety of colors. If you have kids in your home or if you are routinely on the move, these cats can be your great pet because they are exceptionally adaptable. If you own this cat, you must know that these cats love attention and also love to be held in the arms.

When you don’t have enough time for your cat and can’t hold her, these cats will feel happy to lay perched in the sun. Being exceptionally social and love to be near other members of the family, you need not worry as they do well with large families. Try to keep your cat busy in any activities. 


These are also one of the best cat breeds that cat lovers love to own. They have piercing blue eyes and long silky coats that show their elegance and beauty. These cats look stunning. Just like American shorthair, Birman loves to spend time with humans around them. Whether you have a large family or live alone, this cat breed is highly adaptable to any type of home.

You can own Birman without any worry of getting them friendly with anyone in your home, including kids and other pets. They also love to play happily with other companions, no matter what breed they have. Being a devoted and friendly cat breed, they are one of the preferable cat breeds for people who look to get a small cute pet for their home.

best cat breeds

Maine Coon

This cat breed is native to America. They have a mysterious history, where some people believe that these cats exist years ago and usually traveled with Viking explorers. Some people think that these big cats are a mix of a cat with a raccoon. But, if we talk about this concept scientifically, it is not possible at all.

Maine Coons are social cats and love to be around people of all ages. It means if you have this cat in your home, they will easily get involved with all family members. Whether it is lounging on the couch or sitting at the dining table, these cats like to spend time with the whole family.

Along with their affectionate personalities, these cats are also great hunters and extremely intelligent. Do you know that these cats can become large pets and can reach up to 25 pounds? It is also true that when they enter your room with long coats and sweet looks, they will be eager to get attention and affection. You can also teach them commands, so try to make them learn some commands.


These cats have short hair and require low maintenance. Due to these reasons, they are one of the best pet cat breeds. They are athletic and cheerful cats that love to be around forever. Also, they feel comfortable and happy to be with other cats, kids, and even with dogs.

To know their history, these cats are dated back to ancient Egypt. They are not lap cats, but they are quite local companions. You will see your cat doing whatever you are doing. This cat breed is people-oriented and smart as well.

If you are planning to own this breed, make sure to have lots of perches high up to scale at your home.  Though these cats are not super cuddly, they are very affectionate. Also, they are happy to learn new tricks because they are more curious and playful than other best cat breeds on the list.

Abyssinian can easily get bored, which means they need one or another activity most of the time. Due to this reason, you can’t leave them home alone for a long time.

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Final Words

When you choose to get a pet for you and your family, nothing would be better than owning a furry and cute cat. Always keep in mind that breed is not the only thing you should focus on. There are several other elements that make this pet friendly.

When you spend much time with your cat, you will be surprised to know their surprising personality. When looking for the best pet cat breeds, you must look for the one with a social, affectionate, and loving personality.

Always remember that most cats turn out to be friendly and affectionate as long as you will treat them like other family members and show lots of affection to them.