The enthusiasm of owning a pet will cool off soon as you will wonder and ask yourself; “what did I bring home!”

Puppies are untrained and when they come to your home for the first time, you will be faced with sudden behavior such as whining, biting, jumping, chewing, and pooping all over in your house. 

Now, if you have done adequate research before buying a pet then you know how critical a puppy’s first few months are regarding its care and training. How you train and take care of your puppy will affect its upbringing and will stay with them for the rest of its life. 

It is quite normal for a puppy parent to get a liiiiiiiitle overwhelmed as he needs to worry about the puppy’s penchant for destruction, socialization, and deal with well-intentioned but often incorrect advice from friends, family, and TV shows. 

The idea of owning a dog is one of life’s great joys as most dog owners would say that having a constant, loyal furry friend who loves them unconditionally often brings a happening smile and joyous times in their lives. 

However, things can go south if you are a first-time pet owner. 

Hence, before you get a dog, think it through as having a dog is a huge commitment. Your dog will live with you for years to come and if you are not ready for this commitment then you should think about your decision to get a pet. 

Cute Dog tips for new dog owners

Here are 5 essential tips for first-time dog owners that will make you confident and help you strike a beautiful bond with your cute canine companion.

Do Some Pre-Move Shopping

Here is what you will need to buy before welcoming your cute bag of happiness at your home: 

Pet Gates – These gates are used to stop your pet from invading some parts of your home. Set up the gate before the new pup comes home. 

Bed – Avoid using old blankets for your new pup as their chewing habit can damage it. Hence, look for a more official dog bed when your dog gets old.

Bowls – Ceramic or stainless steel dishes are best for your pets as some of the pups can be allergic to plastic. 

Brush – There is no need for anything fancy in the beginning, but as the coat of your pup grows, you’ll need to invest in some grooming tools. 

Cleaning Supplies – As soon as you think about bringing pets in your home, keep a carpet cleaner’s number handy because as much as you hate to think about it, there are going to be accidents. Try to get destroy the odor-causing molecules, rather than simply covering them up. 

Collar, Tags, and Leash – Collar, tags, and leash are very important. The collar can protect and restrain your dog, tags can help you find your lost dog, and a leash can stop your pup from jumping from others. You can customize them as per your choice. 

Crate – Crate is one of the most essential things you need to buy before you get your pet home. Getting a crate beforehand can help you crate train your dog immediately. Metal, plastic, soft-side, heavy-duty, and decorative crates are in demand recently. 

When you buy a wire and heavy-duty crate then you will have some benefits such as; it is easy to clean should your dog face an accident in them, good for dogs that get hot easily, and allow your dogs to have a good view of the house. However, there is a drawback as some dogs can escape from wire crates. 

The same goes for soft-sided crates as some dogs figure out how to unzip the panel to get out. The plus point of these crates is that they are lightweight, portable, and easy to use with small breeds. Both of these crates are durable but don’t look good in your house. 

If you have properly trained your pup and don’t have a chewing habit or try to escape then you can use crates made out of rattan or wood that are aesthetically pleasing too. 

Nail Clippers – Buying the appropriate nail clipper for your pooch is a must. 

Poop Scoop and Poop Bags – Nobody said your doggo will poop out from day one. You will have to train your canine. But until then you’ll be scooping poop. There are numerous types of scoopers available in the market. Some of the scoopers are best for grass, some for concrete. 

Always keep the poop bags ready when you are leaving your porch to pick up your pet. You can start training your pup early on. Potty Training Tips For Puppy

Shampoo – A specially formulated shampoo for your furry friend can keep your pooch’s hair silky smooth and mesmerizing. You can find this type of shampoo in pet shops for a discounted price. 

Toothbrush – There is a special toothbrush for dogs but you can also go ahead with a kid-sized brush. If you don’t want to brush your pet’s teeth then you can use dental treats like Milk-Bone or Greenies once in a while.

Toys – Your new pup will be full of energy and it will want to play a lot! Ensure that you buy a variety of toys before your pet comes home. However, ensure that there are no parts of the toy that could come off because that can be a potential choking hazard.

Essentials tips for new dog owners

These buying tips for new dog owners will help you get the best things for your dog and start your friendship with your dog on a bright start. 

Learn All about Puppies Beforehand 

Puppies are cute but nobody said they were going to be easy. You need to understand how to raise a puppy the right way. You will need to make a to-do list and read up on things about Socialization, training, and vaccinations of your pup. 

Don’t forget that caring for a puppy can be a full-time job, especially when your pup is young. The best way to prepare for a pup’s life is to learn as much as you can. You can’t just bring the four-legged companion to your home as you need to do some things. 

It is essential for you to be ready both physically and mentally as well. Before getting the dog, ask yourself if you’re up for the commitment for the rest of his life. Also keep in mind that all your dog has is you so you need to give importance to your cute pawp-star too! 

Learning about your puppy beforehand can prove to be one of the best tips for first-time dog owners as you will know what your pup likes and what it doesn’t. This can help you make a note and take care of your puppy from the get-go!

tips for new dog owners

Find A Good Vet for Your Pet 

If you want to have a healthy and fit pup then you need to have a great relationship with your vet. A vet plays a huge role in your pet’s health. As soon as you get a new dog, the first thing you should do is to take your dog to the vet. A good doctor will help you with the vaccination schedule and help your dog against flea/tick and heartworm.

Your veterinarian will look out for your dog’s health, educate you about your dog, and help you through the world of dog ownership. 

Great staff and a loving team should be your priority while finding a veterinarian. Additionally, communication between you and your vet is very important. Hence, finding a vet that is caring and share the same love for pets is indeed one of the best tips for first-time dog owners. 

Vet tips for new dog owners

You can ask your friends or family members to help you find out which vets they recommend. 

Upon visiting the vet, ask for a brief tour of their facility and see if their standards can meet your expectations or not. Make a checklist of your expectations and choose a veterinarian that can match most of your expectations from the list.

Your Bond with the Pup is the Key

Bringing a dog is quite easy process, but building a beautiful relationship with your furry friend can take time. You will need to put in the effort from day one. You can also join a training class to get some practical tips to learn a thing or two. 

However, to train your dog, you will need to first establish a good relationship with your dog without letting your dog become too dependent. 

If you want to avoid behavior problems down the line then knowing simple rules will help you a lot. So, if you want a smooth co-operation from your dog then make an understanding bond. It will help you win the trust of your pet and can prove to be one of the best tips for new dog owners. 

What follows are some of the tips for new dog owners:

  • It is your choice when to start interactions – Responding to jumping up, nudges, and barking can make your pet too dependent on you. Instead, ignore it and respond and treat them with food when your pet is quiet and calm. 
  • Choose a word – Pets can get over-excited sometimes. This is the moment you choose words such as ‘enough’ or ‘that’s it. Say it, then ignore them. Most dogs will catch this signal. 
Bond With pet

Apart from this grooming sessions can also increase strength of bond between you and your friend. Basic Guide On How To Groom Your Dog At Home

Make a Definite Diet for Your Doggo 

Diet is the very essential part of your dog’s health. However, when you search in the market for dog food then you will be overwhelmed by the vast choices in front of you. Hence, it is your responsibility to learn everything about the basics of dog nutrition and then choose a diet that fulfills the nutritional requirements of your canine’s needs. 

You need not follow certain rules when it comes to dog food. You just need to keep one thing in mind: if your doggo is fit and healthy on a certain type of dog food, then avoid shuffling anything as long as it is complete and balanced. 

Diet for dog

Additionally, high-quality food can be expensive but you will have to make sure that your pup got all the ingredients to fuel its growth and keep the canine fit. Dogs can be prone to food allergies and that can cause health problems in your pup.  

Hence, if you have any doubt about what kind of food is best for your hound then ask your vet’s help as he will recommend foods based on his age, size, and lifestyle. Choose a pet store where employees can guide you to a nutrition solution that meets your pup’s needs if he has allergies or other issues. 

Keep these three things pup-diet essentials in your mind: 

  • Buy the best you can afford
  • Go for natural formulas
  • Don’t buy products that contain lots of cereals, fillers, colorings, and flavorings.

Take note of your new doggo’s age and activity level while you go shopping for pet food. If you need extra advice then you can ask your vet or vet nurse or you can also do some research and read reviews for more information. 

Diet is the most important part of your doggo’s diet and hence, maintaining a definite diet for a canine companion is one of the most helpful tips for first-time dog owners. 

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Final Words 

Being a dog owner is no simple thing as you have to commit yourself to the care of your canine and also need to accept responsibility for your dog’s actions. This means you need to take care of your dog while respecting the citizens and your vicinity. If you are ready to follow these tips for new dog owners then you are already on the right track!