Do you have a dog, but you don’t know how to trim dog nails? Just like humans, it is also essential for dogs to cut their nails regularly. In addition to hygiene, getting your dog’s nails trimmed is not important for their health. If you notice overgrown nails in your dog, you must cut them as soon as possible as it can be painful and also affect the quality of your dog’s life.

If you want to keep your dog healthy, you just need to know about the tips for cutting dogs nails properly. Also, you will get to know how to trim your dog’s nails safely.

Nail trimming is one of the important parts of home grooming for pets, and it is also a clear sign of your fur friend’s good health and hygiene. The professional groomer knows how to perform this task in a professional and safest way. If you are about to trim your dog’s nails, you must ensure to do this task very carefully.

Always keep in mind that your single mistake can make your dog get hurt. Nail trimming can make many dogs anxious. So, it is advised to start trimming your dog’s nails when they are young. This way, your pet will become habitual of this task and will also make it easier for you as well.

If you find it challenging to trim your dog’s nails or if you are not confident at all to perform this task safely, the best idea is to learn to trim your dog’s nails at home properly.

Start at The Young Age

Some experts suggest that you must start handling these activities when your dog is still a puppy. It helps in making your puppy familiar with this task and will let you perform a nail trimming job without any hassle. It is very important to keep your dog familiar with all aspects of nail trimming. Let him familiar with the equipment and make him understand that it is not scary or painful.

Pup Tips For Cutting Dog Nails

They also suggest that giving delicious treats to your dog can also help in making this task less threatening. Always keep in mind that you must try to make a positive association with the tool. At the same time, it is very important to understand that nail trimming is a lifetime job, so you must work on everything to make this process stress-free and fear-free.

Tips for Cutting Dogs Nails

Always keep in mind that your regular dog grooming routine at home should include nail cutting. But if you are not familiar with the right steps and right tools for dog nail cutting, this task will not be easier for you. But, there are some tips that can help you make the dog’s nail trimming task easier and safer for both of you.

Keep Your Pet Calm

If your dog is in a good mood, then it becomes easier to keep your dog calm while trimming his nails. If you find that your dog is at a stressful time, don’t attempt to trim his nails. Make sure to attempt the immediate needs of your dog. It is so because if they left fulfilled at the right time, it might make your dog stressed.

If your dog is hungry or you have just arrived home, try to make him comfortable before you start trimming his nails.

Bathe Your Dog First

It is also a great idea to connect your dog’s nail trimming with his bath time. If you bathe your dog before cutting his nails, it will help soften his nails. Also, it will become easier to cut and less likely to splinter. When you massage your dog’s body while cleaning his fur, it will relax your dog and make him comfortable for nail trimming.

Many dogs get over-excited when it comes to their bath time. If your dog comes in the same category, it is not a good idea to trim his nails after a bath. You must wait and wait for the right time when your dog is calm.

Bath Tips For Cutting Dog Nails

Use a File

Nail filing of your dog should also be a part of your pet grooming session. The nail file is quite useful for making the rough edges smooth once you clip your dog’s nails. Filing your dog’s nails helps greatly in stopping him from snagging your clothes, furniture, carpet, or your arms. If you want to save money, you can use a human nail file for your dog.

Do you know that the rough nails of your dog can lead to a risk to him? This activity can cause painful nail splits and, furthermore, can cause a serious injury. It helps in making you and your pet safe. It is one of the useful tips for cutting dogs nails. If you still discover that your pet has rough nails even after trimming, you can choose to use a nail cap for dogs.

Look to The Quick

You must look to the quick to notice how short you have trimmed your dog’s nails. When you see clear and light-colored dog nails, you will be able to see the quick, pink blood vessel. The quick give the mark that indicates how short you can cut your dog’s nails.

At the same time, you must also leave at least one-fourth inch of the nail above the quick. If you have hardwood floors, you must make the clip short. Wood floors can easily scratch by sharp nails, and it can cause your pet pain if you mistakenly cut your dog’s nail too short.

If you clip your dog’s nail too short, it can cause bleeding and can be painful for your dog.

Do you want to cut the black nails of your dog? Make sure to go slowly and trim only a silver section at a time. When you get close to the quick, if you start seeing a black spot in the center of the nail, immediately stop there.

Quick Tips For Cutting Dog Nails

Get Styptic Powder

No worries if you are not a professional, because even a professional may make a mistake. So, when you start trimming your dog’s nails, you must have some styptic powder with you as one of the great tips for trimming dog nails. 

An accident may happen anytime. So, if you make any mistake, it can cause your dog’s nails to bleed. Therefore, cover the bleeding immediately using styptic powder. It will help in stopping bleeding quickly.

Give Treat

We can’t ignore the fact that nail cutting has never been a pleasant experience for any dog. But, you have the chance to make this process the best and easier by giving plenty of praise and comfort to your dog. Whether you are cutting the first front paw nail or the rear paw nail of your dog, don’t forget to praise your dog all the way.

In addition to this, you can also give a special treat after finishing the nail trimming process.

Treats Tips For Cutting Dog Nails

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Take Your Time

It is true that you and your dog both want to finish this nail-cutting process as soon as possible. But, always keep in mind that this process may take time, so have patience.

The nail cutting process of dogs can be challenging even for grooming professionals. To prevent accidents, you must work slowly and carefully. If you notice that your dog is too stressed, don’t force him to let you perform this task easily. Instead, immediately stop and continue the process when he settles.

You should also take care of Dos and Don’ts while pet grooming at home. All About Dogs Grooming – Facts, Dos & Don’ts

Secure Properly

Among the other tips for cutting dogs nails is to hold your dog gently. Don’t scare him. Simply hold his one foot pad securely and firmly while cutting his nails with your other hand. Try to wrap your one hand around his body and leg. This will make you control the situation.

Find the Suitable Nail Clipper

You can find various styles and types of nail cutters for your dog. It is advised to try a few of them to see what works best for you. Some nail clippers are quite easier to use, especially for small dogs, while the same clippers are not the suitable choice for medium and large breeds. These types of clippers crush the nails as they cut.

If you prefer using this type of clipper, you must ensure to either trim or file the side of the nails. It helps in preventing the sharp edges of the dog’s nails from becoming a threat to you and him.

Scissor-style clippers for dogs are also available in the market. These types of clippers work great for all kinds of dogs. Just make sure to use it slowly and never trim your dog’s nails in a rush. Many of these clippers come with nail guides.

Other new types of dog nail clippers are nail grinders. These are one of the easiest nail trimmers to use by beginners. Nail grinders are able to remove a little at a time, so there is a very minimal chance of an accident. If you are a new dog owner, this nail grinder is the safest choice for you and your dog.


Condition of Claws

Do you know that the condition of your dog’s claws is directly related to what he eats? If he eats a whole and balanced diet, it results in a healthy skin and coat, including nails. Salmon oil, one of the huge sources of unsaturated fats, can lead to a healthy body.

If you notice that your dog has dry skin and brittle nails that can easily split, you must give a fish oil supplement, like salmon oil by adding it directly to your pet’s food.

You must know that not all dog foods are produced equal. You can choose a comparison chart to determine if your fur friend is getting all the nutrients. This way, you will identify the real cause of the nails problem in your dog.

Other than nails and claw you should also know How To Groom Your Dog At Home

When to Take the Help of a Professional

One of the great tips for trimming dog nails is to take the help of a professional and leave a nail clipping job on him. If your dog feels terrified of nail cutting or you are not confident about dog nail cutting, you must take your dog to the professional groomer, vet, or another pet professional.

Always keep in mind that if you are anxious, it may be passed to your pet, and he may start feeling restlessness. This may further make your nail clipping process even harder.

Professional Help

Nail trimming of a dog is something that many pet owners do themselves at home with the aim of saving both time and money. If you are not sure about this job, the best idea is to leave it on someone who is experienced and confident in nail cutting.

Final Words

You can make the nail trimming task at home easier. All you have to do is follow these tips for cutting dogs nails to make everything safer, faster, and pleasant for you both.

We all know that cutting your dog’s nails at home requires patience and a bit of practice. These tips will help you make everything smooth. Follow them and enhance your confidence in taking on a dog’s nail trimming task.