Having a dog at home is just an amazing experience. When we talk about loyal dogs, these dogs are always devoted to you. Whether you are sick or healthy, rich or poor, dealing with good or bad times, loyal dogs have taken a vow to be with you in every situation.

There are many reasons that make dogs one of the most important companions in the lives of many people. These four-legged creatures remind us how to love others unconditionally. They are naturally loyal to humans as they have been connected to humans for hundreds and thousands of years.

Whether due to some science or anything emotional, dogs are one of the most loyal animals on this earth. This helps humans make an incredibly strong bond with them. Humans also treat them like their family members.

These loyal companions have been bred for different purposes. Some of them are served as guard dogs, some are known for being highly affectionate, while some are devoted to being with your side when you are sick.

Here, we have collected some of the most loyal dog breeds. This list will remind you of unconditional love and life-changing companionship when you own one of them.

Golden Retriever

These dogs have a thick, golden coat and are also known for their muscular and medium size. These dogs were bred in Scotland with the aim to retrieve ducks and game birds for hunting purposes. They have a large and feathery tail.

Golden retrievers are also outgoing, loyal, and cheerful pet dogs. They are preferred by dog lovers all around the world. They also enjoy plenty of play and exercise. Also, they are highly trainable dogs and love to be around people. They are also served as service and therapy dogs. You will not regret allowing this dog to be part of your life.

Golden Retriever most loyal dog breeds


This is one of the most loyal dog breeds that were originated from the mountains of Northern Japan. These loyal dogs are muscular and have a double coat. They are known for being highly protective of their families and are very loyal to their owners.

One of the most famous dogs of this breed is Hachiko. This dog was owned by a Japanese agricultural scientist. After the sudden death of this owner, Hachiko was used to waiting for his owner at the same place daily for almost nine years until he also passed away.

Akita most loyal dog breeds

These dogs are alert and courageous. They are also calm and affectionate with kids and are reserved with strangers. When they are puppies, they resemble bear cubs.

Shiba Inu

These loyal dogs are also called Shibas. This dog breed was developed in Japan for hunting purposes across the Rocky Mountains thousands of years ago. In the 1950s, these dogs arrived in America when a Japanese military family entered the country.

These are good family dogs and are very loyal and devoted. They go well with kids and are highly socialized and trainable. Also, they are sturdy and muscular dogs having bold and confident personalities. They are highly charmed by their loyalty. Due to this reason, it is believed that owning this dog is not just making it a part of your family, but it also becomes a way of life.

Shiba Inu most loyal dog breeds


Beagles are one of the most popular dog breeds among American pet lovers. These dogs are known for their cheerful temperament and loyalty. The existing breed of beagle was originated in the 19th century that has intelligence and super tracking characteristics. 

Beagle most loyal dog breeds

They have a history of working with human hunters, which makes them more loyal and close to their owners. You might have also seen Beagles in many films, which enable them to gain a reputation as loyal dogs. They are energetic and happy dogs that make them great family pets.

Great Pyrenees

This is another loyal dog breed that has worked as mountain dogs. These dogs were bred to prevent wolves and other predators from farming cattle. Due to this, they are also recognized as territorial and protective dogs of their families. They are also sociable. Thus, this makes them remain friendly with other dogs as well. 

Great Pyrenes most loyal dog breeds

These dogs have a coat with two layers, where the outer layer is waterproof, and the inner layer is soft and short. Also, the hair sheds heavily during the spring season. They are also an independent thinker that makes them sometimes go their own way. So, they need consistent positive reinforcement training that keeps them disciplined. They need regular grooming.

Border Collie

These are one of the smartest and loyal dog breeds. They are known for their bountiful energy and various other abilities. The dog breeders developed this dog breed around the border between Scotland and England. They were originated at the end of the 19th century. 

These dogs have two coat finishes that are smooth, short, and coarse in addition to medium length with feathering. Also, they require ample exercise and sufficient playtime. They used to run miles a day when they were herding sheep or other livestock.

Border Collie most loyal dog breeds

When we talk about working dogs, they are known for pleasing their owners in all ways. This is similar to the border collies. This makes them one of the best loyal companions.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs come in a variety of colors, such as black, chocolate, and golden. Once they enter your life, they will never leave you. This dog breed has also gained a first position in the most popular dog list on American Kennel Club. These dogs are smart and versatile and can just do everything.

Labrador Retriever most loyal dog breeds

They are also adventurous and also comfort people as therapy dogs. Moreover, they can also save you from a rattlesnake, but hopefully, it does not come to you. They are one of the best family dogs, all due to their loyal nature. They are sociable and hardworking dogs who love their owners the way that they want to lick their feet at all times.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Another name for these loyal dogs is Berners. They are large Swiss working dogs that are known for their affectionate and eager to please characteristics. Sometimes, you can also see them giving all their attention to one special person. They are intelligent dogs that are highly easy to train.

BErnese mountain dog most loyal dog breeds

You must also know that these dogs do not respond well to strict training techniques. Also, they have less life expectancy i.e., they live just 7-10 years on average.


When it comes to the list of the most loyal dog breeds, you can’t miss adding the Boxer dog breed. They were used as hunting dogs for centuries. They were originated in Germany. These dogs have large and powerful jaws; this is what they are known for. They have a smooth, tight-fitting coat.

They are patient and protective. Due to their highly playful and energetic nature, you cannot allow them to run freely in public places. They have also been ranked in the top 10 list of the most popular dogs in America. They are also easy to train.

Boxer most loyal dog breeds

The alertness and activeness of these dogs make them an excellent watchdog breed. 

German Shepherd

As per the AKC, this dog breed is the second most popular breed in America. German shepherds are known for their intelligence, courage, loyalty, and confidence. Some breeders consider this dog breed somewhat aloof. It is so because they take some time to build a connection with new people. 

German Shephard most loyal dog breeds

They are calm and faithful and go above and beyond for their people. The combination of intelligence and strength of these dogs makes them one of the preferred choices for search and rescue. They are also served as guard dogs. They need plenty of exercise and are also easy to train and can be your best friend forever.

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These dogs are also known as wiener and sausage dogs. The number of elements of English, French, and German dogs is combined by German breeders to develop this dog breed. Dachshunds are developed for hunt games.

These dogs have short legs and long bodies. They are highly curious and vigilant. Though they are stubborn, they are also known for being good watchdogs. They were developed with the aim to be independent hunters of dangerous prey. You can find a number of stories online mentioning Dachshunds as the savers of their families from house fires.

Dachshund most loyal dog breeds

Irish Wolfhound

These are sight dogs, which means they hunt through sight and speed. These dogs are quite the opposite of beagles in terms of hunting, as beagles use scent and endurance for hunting. Irish Wolfhounds were developed in Ireland, they are large and dignified dogs that are also served as guard dogs.

Irish Wolfhound

They are loyal and calm and they can do a major amount of work as these loyal dogs are also galloping hounds.


Along with one of the most loyal dog breeds, Newfoundland is also known as one of the largest dog breeds in the world. Adult males can reach up to 150 pounds. They are outstanding and powerful working dogs.

They are also popular among dog lovers because of their patience and loyalty. Moreover, they have a gentle temperament and are easily trainable.


These loyal dogs are the happiest when they spend time with their families. They need plenty of exercise and training.  It helps in satisfying their curiosity and intelligence.


This dog breed is known for its protective nature. Due to this, they have earned a reputation as guard dogs. These dogs need a calm, stable, and firm pack leader. Else, they will lead this role for you. If you want to spend the most time with your dog, make sure not to be scared by this sturdy dog breed.

They are highly devoted to their families, particularly when you train them as puppies with the right socialization skills. They are also sensitive and don’t like being left alone at home. These dogs can make a great family companion, especially with a liable owner.


Cocker Spaniel

The sweetness of these dogs is one of the main factors that attract pet lovers to own this breed. These dogs have soft brown eyes and give you a marvelous feeling when you see this dog. If you are looking for a loyal dog that always remains happy whatever they do, Cocker Spaniel can be the best choice for you.

Moreover, these dogs do great with cats and kids. This is one of the ideal loyal dog breeds for people living in apartments, condos, and small homes. These dogs have the ability to get adapted to any place they live in.

loyal dog breeds

They are happy and playful dogs. Also they are good watchdogs and they love to be part of every family activity. They love to be around their families as much as possible. 

Saint Bernard

They are also referred to as gentle giants. These dogs are known for their patience, kindness, and alertness. These dogs do well with children. Monks had used this dog breed to trace and rescue travelers buried in the landslides in the Swiss Alps hundreds of years ago. These dogs helped monks to find stranded people.

Saint Bernard most loyal dog breeds

These are trusted furred companions that are extremely well-mannered to bark. They also respond great to gentle training and love a casual walk and running with you every day.

Norfolk Terrier

These loyal dogs come in an adorable package. They are fearless, spirited, and lively companions. More to this, they are also committed to whatever they get to do. They are sweet and faithful towards their owners.

Norfolk Terrier most loyal dog breeds

When you compare this dog breed with other terriers, you will find Norfolk terriers a little more outgoing. Their close bond with their owners may sometimes make them feel jealous of other people. When they feel rejected, they may be seen digging holes to let you know their feeling.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Are you looking for a companion who will always remain by your side? If yes, you can think of owning this dog breed. They love to be with their owners every minute of the day. This dog may follow you even to the bathroom.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

These dogs know how to return their family’s love with lots of affection. They also love hanging out with kids. They need socialization when they are puppies. This makes them fearless and confident around strangers or other people outside their families.

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Final Words

If you are thinking of adopting a dog, just keep in mind that your love and care can build strong stability and loyalty with your dog. If your dog spends enough time with you, it will start showing affection and work well with your family.

This list of loyal dog breeds will help you to be familiar with dogs that take their jobs as best companions very seriously.