There is no doubt that every dog owner wants to give everything their dog needs to live a healthy and happy life. For some dogs, the healthiest means taking a diet high in protein.

When it comes to high protein dog food, some questions may hit your mind, like what is the best option for your dog? What are the benefits of a high protein diet? What food do you need to give to your dog?

To get the answers to these questions, you must know that providing extra protein to your dog without sacrificing other nutrients is referred to as high protein food. You can find a variety of high protein dog food available in the market, where each of them is formulated using quality ingredients and provide great benefits.

Whether small or large dog breeds, all dogs have different nutritional needs. On one side, where some dogs get benefits from high protein, while others need grain-free, limited ingredients diet, or prescription dog food. At the same time, you must also consider satisfying your dog’s taste and texture preferences.

You can choose from dry and wet dog food. Before giving any of these foods to your dog, you must talk to your vet to determine the adequate amount of protein for your furry friend.

Here, we will share some of the best high protein dog food that can help your pet live a healthy and happy life with you.

What are The Benefits of High Protein Dog Food?

There are numerous benefits of giving quality ingredients and a high-protein diet to your dog. They help in improving their health, wellness, and longevity. Being a dog parent, you must know a diet high in protein is lean and more bioavailable to dogs. It means this diet contains nutrients that can be absorbed easily.

If you give a balanced and high-protein diet to your dog, it will not put extra stress on his system and organs that can result in any kind of health concerns. IN addition to this, having more protein in your dog food means it has less chance of poor-quality ingredients. Thus, overall, it will make more nutritious dog food.

One of the main reasons for giving a high protein diet to dogs and puppies is because protein is considered a better macronutrient than carbs and fats. If a food is not rich in protein, it will be higher in carbs and fats. As a result of this, this particular food can be more harmful to your dog’s internal systems and also is not healthful or beneficial to puppies in any way.

Now, you are clear in your mind that high protein dog food is a healthy choice for many dogs. But, do you know which food to choose? Which type of food will be beneficial for your dog?

Let’s have a look at some of the best high protein dog food that you can consider giving your dog for his healthy and happy life.

Victor Ultra Pro Grain Free Dog Food

Victor is one of the most popular dog food brands that many dog owners prefer to feed their dogs on a regular basis. All thanks to its affordable price and high-quality ingredients that make perfect healthy food for dogs. If you have a large or multiple dogs at home or on the farm, this brand makes a viable option for you.

This brand also provides formulas that are classified as high protein food. Though these foods are not as cheaper as other foods of the same brand, they are very affordable than other brands on the list. This high protein dog food contains a high proportion of protein and fats and a low proportion of carbs, thus making an accurate picture of a dog’s natural diet.

Victor high protein dog food

This food is highly suitable for dogs with high activity levels. Due to the high amount of fat in it, less active dogs need to be careful to avoid any chance of weight gain. It contains a variety of meat and fish ingredients, such as chicken meal, beef meal, menhaden fish, etc.

The meat meals have their moisture removed, and their combination to a high portion makes a large amount of kibble. It also contains peas and sweet potatoes that provide carbs and also work as the binding agent to form kibble.

Orijen Fit and Trim Dog Food

Orijen is another one of the most popular brands in the pet food industry. Many dog owners consider it the first choice for their dogs. All of the formulas of this brand are very high in protein. So, if we talk about this recipe, it is formulated specifically to provide a high ratio of protein as compared to their other formulas.

This brand is also known for its use of high-quality ingredients. This Fit and Trim recipe ensures to maintain this standard. This food contains many sources of poultry and fish, such as chicken, turkey, whole eggs, and many others. These kinds of ingredients are combined with a variety of fruits and vegetables to make a perfect recipe for active dogs.

Fit and trim high protein dog food

These vegetables provide a notable portion of protein, but the proportion of poultry and fish sources are so high that it is not significant. This high protein dog food can be a suitable choice to make an active and healthy dog. 

Earthborn Holistic Grain-free Primitive Natural Dog Food

Whether you are looking for limited ingredient diet food, wet dog food, or dry grain-free dog food, this brand offers everything in a variety of recipes. If you compare different recipes of dog food, you will find this Primitive Natural recipe from Earthborn Holistic far best than others. It is due to the presence of the highest proportion of protein in this food.

This food contains an adequate amount of meat and fish ingredients and ensures to provide high levels of protein and fat required for the optimal growth of your dog. Some of the key ingredients in this formula include chicken, turkey, and whitefish.

Eathborn high protein dog food

The chicken meal, which is one of the key sources of additional animal fat, is also present in this recipe. Along with it, this ingredient works great in enhancing the flavor and taste of this high protein dog food. Other ingredients include potatoes and protein that provide a small proportion of carbs and fiber to your dog.

This recipe also contains a small portion of pea starch, and it is helpful as a binding agent, not providing any nutrition. This does not end here; this formula also has a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

Nature’s Logic Canine Duck and Salmon Meal Feast Dog Food

Though it is a lesser-known brand among dog owners, its formulas are quite effective in providing required nutrients to small and large dogs. More impressive about this brand is that some of its formulas fill the need for protein in dogs. These formulas have earned a remarkable position in the dog food market.

Generally, dogs are not recommended to consume food containing grain ingredients. But, some dogs who do not work well with other vegetable ingredients need food like these recipes. Like dogs with severe pea and legume allergies reacts well to these grain ingredients.

Logic Food

This food recipe contains grain millet that is far superior to using wheat and corn. This recipe is a mixture of duck, turkey, pork liver, and salmon ingredients. The proportion of protein and fat present in this recipe is extremely satisfactory and is an ideal choice for dogs with high activity levels.

If your dog has any kind of issue with meat and fish ingredients, you can consider this pork formula as the best high protein dog food for him. And also if your doggo has sensitive stomach you must know Best Dog Food For Sensitive Stomach

American Journey Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Food 

This food from American Journey contains 32% high-quality protein. It is formulated with salmon as the first ingredient. If you are looking for grain-free dry dog food, this formula has the power to win your heart. This food also contains antioxidants that work effectively in enhancing your dog’s immune system. Omega fatty acids in this formula help in supporting healthy skin and coat.

You will be amazed to know that you can give this high protein dog food to your furry friend in all life stages. It is available in various versions for puppies, seniors, small and large breeds. You can also find a healthy weight formula.

American Journey high protein dog food

This formula contains wholesome fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and dried kelp. The presence of salmon oil and flaxseed is also beneficial for healthy eyes and the brain. It does not contain any fillers, thus it will help to avoid stomach upset in sensitive dogs.

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus For Active Dogs & Puppies

If you are looking for high protein dog food for your active furry friend, this formula can be your best selection. It contains 30% protein and is free from gluten. This food is considered an ideal choice for sporting puppies and for dogs with high physical demands.

This healthy food is comprised of 88% meat protein that includes high-quality beef, chicken, and pork meal. Along with it, this formula also comprises essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are extremely required for active dogs and growing puppies.

Victor Hi-pro

This food is easy to digest and also supports a healthy immune system. It is available in different quantities of packages. Also, keep in mind that dogs having protein sensitivities may not work well with this food because it contains various protein sources.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Duck Dog Food

We all know that dogs crave meat, so it would always be good to have formulas containing a certain amount of protein sources. This food contains 34% protein, where the deboned duck is the main ingredient. This recipe is formulated by animal nutritionists and focuses on a formula providing all essential nutrients to active dogs.

Along with a protein source, this food also contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help in supporting your dog’s health needs and immune system. The healthy complex carbs, such as blueberries and cranberries, complement real duck. If your dog has an active lifestyle, this formula will do well in promoting healthy muscle development. You will find this high protein dog food very beneficial for your dog with an active lifestyle.

Wilderness high protein dog food

This formula is 100% free from chicken, poultry, corn, wheat, soy, synthetic colors, and preservatives. If you are looking for something similar, try this food. Your dog will surely like it.

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What kind of dry foods are high in protein?

You must know that not all dry dog food is high in protein. High protein dog food puts the main focus on protein as the main source of energy, whereas standard dog food provides protein, carbs, and fats as the sources of energy. Also, keep in mind that not all recipes declare high protein in the name. So, you have to look at their ingredients and their nutritional value, or you can take the help of your vet to make an informed decision.

Is food high in protein is good for dogs?

High protein food is extremely beneficial for dogs with special nutritional needs. These needs can be varied depending on their activity levels, breed, size, and health conditions. High protein sources food benefit young puppies and older dogs by supporting their muscle maintenance and growth.

You can also give high protein food to overweight dogs as they feel fuller for longer with this weight management food. Even highly active or athletic dogs need extra amino acids that they can get from protein to support muscle growth and recovery. Even lactating mothers can consume protein-rich food for a boost while feeding their little ones. As always recommended, you must check with your vet to find the right food for your canine companion.

What to look for when buying high-protein dog food?

When you have lots of options in front of you, such as grain-free, wet and dry food, dehydrated formulas, active dogs food, etc., it may be challenging to figure out the right food for your dog. You must look for:

  • Nutritional adequacy statement on the label
  • Be aware of over-the-top marketing claims
  • Quality over quantity
  • Consult your vet before making changes to your dog’s diet

What kind of dogs needs protein-rich food?

High protein food is highly beneficial for these kinds of dogs – Active dogs, Working dogs, Recovering dogs, Puppies, Senior dogs, and Pregnant dogs. You must know to keep your dog healthy and happy, you should give high-quality food to them.