No doubt Halloween is a festive and fun time for both adults and children, but what about pets? Have you ever thought of your pet and their safety during Halloween night? The scariest part of Halloween should never come to the experience of your furry companion. It can be a nightmare for pets. In order to get rid of stress and keep your pet safe, you must go through these Halloween safety tips for pets.

Always keep in mind that Halloween should never be the spookiest night for your pet. Also, keeping your pet safe should never be a challenging task for you. The ASPCA recommends various simple and essential precautions that help you to keep your pet happy and healthy this Halloween.

It is also true that some pets love the hustle and bustle of this day, while others get scared and stressed from the activities of Halloween. While you enjoy this festival, you must also consider everything from your pet’s perspective.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Trick-or-Treat Candies

We all know that Halloween is incomplete without candies and baking food items. No matter what kind of chocolate you have in your home, it can be dangerous for your pet. If your pet ever has any of these candies or chocolates, mistakenly or intentionally, it may cause various health problems. The pet may experience vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, increased heart rate, and even seizures in severe cases.

Every pet owner must know that Halloween candies contain artificial sweeteners that can be poisonous for your pet. Even a small amount of this harmful compound can cause a sudden decrease in the blood sugar of your pet and can result in the loss of coordination. It may also cause liver failure in dogs. So, keep candies and chocolate away from the reach of your pet and keep them safe than to say sorry.

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Never Leave Your Pet Out In The Yard

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle a situation where vicious pranksters are known for teasing, injured, stealing, or even killing pets on this festive night. Do you think you can deal with this situation? Yes, you can prevent this situation from happening by never allowing your pet to be out in the yard. It helps you to keep your pet safe from any kind of cruelty-related incidents. 

Keep Your Pet Away From The Door

During Halloween, confining your pet to the indoor is much better than the outdoors on Halloween. But, at the same time, you must also be aware of the fact that your door will get opened and closed constantly. Moreover, there will be strangers standing on your doorstep dressed in cute or scary costumes. Of course, this will make your furry family member scared. It is one of the Halloween safety tips for pets that you must always keep in mind.

As a result of this, he/she may indulge in escape attempts or unexpected aggression. So, the best idea is to put your pet in a secure crate or room away from the main door. This will help in reducing stress and also work effectively in preventing your pet from darting outside at night. Obviously, you will never want to search for your loved one on this festive night.

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Keep Glow Sticks Away From Your Pet

Many people use glow sticks to keep themselves safe on Halloween night. This product can add unexpected drama to Halloween night if your pet chews one open. Fortunately, the liquid in these sticks is non-toxic, and does not make your pet sick. But, it does not mean you become careless about this item and do not bother what your pet is doing with it.

If your pet gets into a glow stick, he/she may drool or may get it into their mouth. As a result, they may even vomit and create a mess in your home. The experts recommend that if your pet chews a glow stick, immediately give some fresh water to him or a small meal to help him clear his mouth from the material.

Keep Pumpkins And Corn Away From Your Pet

Being a pet owner, you may know that a small amount of corn and pumpkin for your pet is safe. But, do you know that consuming uncooked Halloween pumpkin or corn can cause a big problem for your pet? Yes, it can cause gastrointestinal upset, especially if your pet is not used to something he eats. It can also cause intestinal blockage if your pet swallows a large piece. So, you should keep these things out of reach of your pet. You must remember this one of the Halloween safety tips for pets.

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Never Keep Lit Pumpkin Near Your Pet

Are you going to use candles to light the lanterns and other Halloween decorations? If yes, then you need to be careful if you have a pet in your home. Make sure to place candles out of reach of your pet. These candles are not only poisonous for your pet, but they also have the risk of burning themselves. It can also cause a fire in some situations.

Keep Electric And Battery-Powered Decoration Items Out Of Reach

We all know that Halloween decorations set us in a festive mood. But do you know that they can pose various health risks for your pet? You must also know that though electric and battery-powered decoration items are certainly safer than a lighting candle, these items still pose certain risks to your pet.

If in case your pet chews an electrical cord, it can cause a life-threatening electric shock or burn to him. If your pet accidentally chews an open battery, it can cause chemical burns or even gastrointestinal blockage if it is swallowed. Even if there is any shard of glass or plastic in your home or outside, it can cause laceration on the body.

No doubt decorative Halloween lights may brighten your home or yard, but always remember to keep both lights and power cords out of the reach of your pet.

Be Careful With Costumes

Some pets get stressed out from wearing a costume. The experts recommend that any pet owner must not put their pets in a costume unless they know that their pets love it. If you are going to dress up your pet for a Halloween party, you must ensure that a dress should not limit his/her movement. It should be that it makes them comfortable to breathe, bark, or meow. 

When you buy a Halloween costume for your pet, you must check for the small or easy to chew pieces that your pet can easily put in his mouth and cause choking. Also, if the costume is ill-fitted, it can get stuck on external objects and can result in injury.

Costumes halloween safety tips for pets

Try Pet Costume Before Halloween Night

You must not wait for Halloween night to put your pet in a costume. It is very important to have your pet try the costume before Halloween night. If you notice any distressed or abnormal behavior, you must let your pet wear his birthday suit instead of this uncomfortable outfit. You can also opt to make your pet wear a festive bandana as a good compromise. 

If it fits him perfectly, try to make it a positive experience by offering plenty of praises and treats. You must put on this costume for short periods of time. You must keep these Halloween safety tips for pets in mind and let your pet enjoy the night in his own way.

Keep Your Pet Calm

Halloween is the festive time that brings lots of activities with visitors at your door. Also, it invites many strangers into your home. It often makes your pet scared of what is happening in your home. Therefore, it is advised to keep your pet in a separate room away from the main entrance during trick-or-treat hours.

When you open the main door for guests, be careful that your pet does not dart outside. Always keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep your pet calm while guests are arriving at your home. 

Make Your Pet Wear IDs

If your pet escapes and is lost, having a proper identification can help in increasing the chances that your pet will meet you again. No doubt, collars and tags are also an ideal idea to make you able to collect your pet. But, here, microchips work as the permanent identification solution as compared to a collar or tag that can be fallen anytime.

If you make your pet wear a microchip, make sure that information is up-to-date. During Halloween or any festive time, you need to double-check the address and other information on tags. You must also check these details with the company offering pet microchips. It can be a lifesaver solution for your lost pet.


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Final Words

With these Halloween safety tips for pets, you can enjoy this festival with your loving companion. This will help in making this favorite holiday one of the best days of your life. While buying candies, planning for costumes, or even decorating your home, you just require keeping your pet in mind to make this Halloween a safe time for everyone.