Are you looking for a perfect gift for your friend who is a big lover of cats? Does your friend own a cat, and you want to give something useful to him? There is no doubt that choosing a perfect gift for your friends can be hard. But if they are cat lovers, you will get the best solution here.

When it comes to gifts for cat lovers, always keep in mind that any cat lover will love to get something inspired by their favorite animal. Whether you are thinking of giving something practical or useful for home or office or you want to give something just for fun, we have covered several gifts that your friend will truly appreciate.

From beautiful collars to toys and from cat t-shirt to the apron with cat prints, a special gift for your cat lover is always going to be appreciated. To give something to cat parents does not require any special occasion. You can gift them anytime to celebrate their role in their cat’s life.

These gifts for cat lovers can be chosen as per the lifestyle and personality of the receiver. Some of these unique gift ideas are such that they can bring happy tears to the cat lovers’ eyes. 

No matter what gift you are going to choose for your friend, your cat-loving pal will surely love your idea, especially when they receive it while their cat is curled up on the lap.

Cat Sling Carrier

When your friend has a cat at home, instead of letting him carry his cute companion in arms, make him take her hands-free. The best idea is to give your friend an over-the-shoulder bag. Many of these bags have thick straps that are quite comfortable to carry a cat for hours. Just keep in mind to get the one that is made with soft and breathable fabric. Here, a cotton pouch would be the best choice.

Washable Cave Bed Pet House

If you just got to know that your friend is going to welcome a new cat in the home very soon or he has just got the one, it is recommended to give a cozy bed or cat cave. It will make his cat comfortable and ease the cat’s anxiety, especially when she gets her own private space. The cat will feel safe and warm on this cozy bed.

Washable Cat Gifts for cat Lovers

One of the best gifts for cat lovers is to get a cat bed in some animal design as a fun and adorable gift.

Choco Tent

If you are thinking of giving something unique to your friend who is a big cat lover, you can consider presenting a handsome cat tent from one of the top brands. Moreover, your friend can also place this tent in a living room, which means he will spend some quality time with his cat while watching his favorite series. 

If you have no budget limit, you can impress your friend with a cat tent having high-quality construction and sturdy fabric to give a special feel to the cat.

Puzzle Feeder

A puzzle feeder is something that your friend will really appreciate. This can be one of the best gifts for cat lovers as it works in two ways – interactive toy and food dispenser. This type of feeder hides dry cat food and allows cats to actively poke around to find their treats. It makes the cat move with this toy, which means she will eat her treat without sitting still.

These feeders yet toys are very simple to use. Moreover, it will also be a perfect entry-level feeder toy for more active cats. Also, your friend will love to watch his cat playing while eating. This feeder can also be used to fill freeze-dried cat food, which is a quite healthy option for a cat’s digestion.

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Self-Warming Quilted Cat Bed

Does your friend have an older cat? If yes, then nothing would be better than gifting a cushioned and heated cat bed. Cat owners very well know that when a cat turns older, she may have to face achy joints. This time, they love to spend time on a warm napping spot. So, a warm quilted cat bed can be one of the perfect gifts for cat lovers.

Warming Cat Beds Gifts for cat Lovers

When cats age, she tends to look for heat and find it hard to stay warm in the winter. This quilted cat bed has an insulating layer that works great in keeping cats warm. So, when your friend has this cat bed, he needs not to worry about leaving his cat unattended.

Custom Paw Print Ring

If your friend is a cat lover, why not give her a paw print ring that she can wear every day. It will keep her remind every time how much she loves the cat. You can get the customized ring by taking a picture of her cat’s paw or nose. You can find many service providers offering such customized gifts.

Friendship Collar and Bracelet Set

What about giving a combination of collar and bracelet set to your cat lover? These sets are the perfect gifts for cat lovers who love to be reminded of their cute friend when they are away from her. These sets are made from quality material and give a pure luxury touch. 

Friendship band Gifts for cat Lovers

Personalized Coffee Mug

Is your friend also a coffee lover? Then you will never go wrong in giving a coffee mug to this cat lover. This personalized coffee mug with a cat photo printed on it is the perfect gift for someone who loves both, coffee and cat, the same. You can add 3-4 pictures of your friend’s cat and can choose any background you want. You can even add text to make this mug more personalized. Moreover, your friend can use this coffee mug anywhere he wants – home or office.

Cut-out Cat Drop Earrings

If your friend is fond of jewelry, these eye-catching earrings are something that she will surely love to wear. These earrings have a graphic cut out in the shape of a cat and have polished crystal eyes. Also, these earrings are easy to wear and need not worry about falling out. These earrings are a perfect gift for a cat lover that can be worn any time she wants.

Cat Printed Apron

You will never go wrong if you have decided to give a stylish monochrome apron to your friend. Get the one made with quality fabric and have eye-catching cat silhouette prints. This gift for a cat lover will not only keep him clean while working in the kitchen but will also make him/her feel happy to wear something with her favorite pet’s print.

Apron Gifts for cat Lovers

Cat Cheeseboard

Do you know that most cats love cheese? But if your friend is also fond of cheese, you can consider giving this cat-shaped cheeseboard as the perfect gift to your friend. You can find this kind of cheeseboard in cat shape in different materials, such as antibacterial bamboo. Also, these cheeseboards are easy to store, or you can simply hang it if it has a hanging point.

Bad Kittens Wall Calendar 

You must know that nothing fascinates cat lovers better than hilarious quotes on a calendar. This is something that every cat lover loves to watch and read again and again. Moreover, it can be placed in the office or even at home. This is surely the best gift for cat lovers that will help them organize their things daily.

Cat Themed Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat Gifts for cat Lovers

Most cats do not get familiar with strangers. So, when a doorbell rings, they used to hide somewhere in your home. Here, the best way to greet guests is to get a welcome mat with a cat printed on it. If you find something like this, it can be the best gift for your friend. Give him/her the best way to welcome guests at the door.  

Cat Shower Curtain

If you are looking for some unique gifts for cat lovers, a cat shower curtain will definitely bring a big smile to your friend’s face. This is something that will add a pop of color to the bathroom. Even his cat will love to see so many different cats on a fabric. Getting a shower curtain means adding a bold statement to a cat-themed bathroom.

Cat Tree

What about looking at a cat climbing, scratching, and perching on a durable cat tree? Do you know that all cats love these activities? So, you can never go wrong gifting a cat tree to a cat lover. You can find plenty of amazing cat trees to choose from. This can be one of the most useful gifts for cat lovers.

The cats love to find a place where they can climb off the ground to hang out and watch their owners and other family members from high. If you want something smaller, you can consider buying a scratching post for this cute companion.

Cat tree

Stylish Cat Shirt

Have you just found a cat-faced t-shirt while searching for gifts for cat lovers? Yes, this gift works well with almost any look. You can choose to buy a t-shirt with any cat face printed on it or you can opt for getting a personalized cat t-shirt. For a casual and cute look with what your friend loves the most i.e., cats, this cat t-shirt is great for everyday wear.

Cat Candle

If you are wondering what to gift your friend this Christmas, just move to something modern and unique idea. You can find a variety of cat candles that when melt reveals a metal cat skeleton. This can be a perfect gift for cat lovers. It will help your friend to create a cozy atmosphere and wait for a few minutes for the second surprise.

Cat Headphones

Just look at cats, ears are their cutest feature that is always in style. It is true that not everyone can wear a cat headband. So, another way to wear cat ears is to wear cat headphones. When you search for cat headphones, you will be amazed to find plenty of designs. Moreover, they are comfortable to wear and will be the best gift for cat lovers.

Cat Headphone

Cat-themed Soap

There is no doubt that everyone loves to keep themselves clean, and of course, your friend does too. If your friend is a cat lover, giving him a cat-themed soap is a great idea. The best gift is to get one made of natural ingredients. This way, your friend will like to be cleaned with a soap made with the design of his favorite pet.

Phone Case

These days, the phone is the most important technology for all people around the world. No one can even think about spending a single day without his phone. So, what about giving a cat-themed cell phone case to your friend? You can get the one with a cat printed at its back or the best idea is to get the one with cute ears and whiskers. 

Phone case

Sticky Notes

If you are looking for the best gift for a young cat lover who also loves to read books, you can give him/her sticky notes with cat designs over them. These sticky notes can be placed in books, writing notes, and studying. This is one of the cutest gifts for young cat lovers. 

Crazy Cat Crates

When a cat lover has a cat at home, everything makes him happier that is linked to his cat. So, you can give him a box full of toys, cat foods, and treats. All these things make his cat happier, which in turn, makes him satisfied to see his cat. Getting such crates as a gift for cat lovers is the best idea to make both cat owner and cat happier.

Cat Collar with Bell 

Some cat’s collars are so dull that even a cat does not seem happy to get them. But, to keep the cat active and happy all the time, you can give a stunning collar with a bell. These collars come in a variety of colors and designs, thus, giving you numerous options to choose from. If you have a limited budget, this can be the perfect gift that will be much appreciated.

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Final Words

Now, when you have so many creative ideas for gifts for cat lovers, it will become easier to choose the best for a cat owner. No matter what you will give, your gift will surely be appreciated and delight your cat-obsessed friend.