The very first thing that comes to mind when you have thought of France is fashion, the Eiffel Tower, or even the cuisines. But, for dog lovers, it is something different than usual. They think of French dog breeds that they have heard about or are even eager to know about more dogs.

Many people think of the French poodle as the most popular French dog breed. But they don’t know that there are many more on this list. Though the French poodle is France’s national dog, you still have a long list of French dogs that are widely held around the world.

Do you know that many of these French dogs have been owned by French royalty and even US presidents? Also, it is quite easier to identify the French bulldog as a France origin from its name. But, when we are talking about small and large French dog breeds, there are a number of popular French dogs still around today.

These dogs give several reasons to be considered one of the pet dogs. Many people have kept these loveable companions for decades and appreciate their life with these four-legged furry family members.

Have a look at some of the best French dog breeds, where some of them are native while others were developed in France.

Small French Dog Breeds

When it comes to the dog breeds in France, they come in all sizes and shapes. You can also find small French dog breeds that some people call them ‘fun size’ dogs. These dogs have gained high popularity as lapdogs and playmates.

We have gathered some of these dogs. So, if you love to own a small dog and looking for small French dog breeds, you can choose the one from the list.

Toy Poodle

Some people believe that these dogs are originated from Germany, while some claim that they are from France. But, whatever their origin is, you can’t deny their cuteness and charm. These dogs are highly sweet, curious, and energetic. These characteristics make Toy Poodle one of the perfect French dogs for older kids.

These dogs are intelligent, confident, adventurous, and spirited. They have the ability to understand when to play and when to listen to their owners. Though they are lap dogs, it does not mean they can lounge around. Due to their high energy level, they need moderate exercise.

Toy Poodle French Dog Breed

Their coat never stops growing, so they need regular grooming.

These small people-oriented dogs love to be with their family. You can see their uncontrollable happiness when they see you after a long time. Moreover, they are easy to train and obedient as well, but only with their loved ones.


This small French dog breed is believed to be originated from France or Germany. Like Toy Poodle, these dogs are also one of the best lap dogs. But, they are not affordable for everyone as they are one of the most expensive dogs in the world.

They are also named ‘little lion dogs’. These dogs are known for their huge heart and love their family the most. These dogs have loving, sociable, and optimistic nature. Their cheerful vibe is enough to attract others around them. They are highly active that makes them easy to keep up with you when playing outside. They also love to lounge.

Lowchen French Dog Breed

Moreover, Lowchens are quite polite and friendly towards other pets and even strangers. They are easy to train as they respond well while training and other mental activities.

French Bulldog

French dogs are one of the favorite dogs for many people around the world. These French dogs are also popular as lapdogs in the United States. They resemble mini bulldogs, so they got the name ‘French bulldog’. They have triangle ears, which are also known as the dogs with bat ears.

Though they are small in size, they are excellent watchdogs due to their high alertness. But, you cannot expect them to do too much guard work. They have a mild and balanced temperament, which makes them one of the favorite French dog breeds for kids. Due to their adaptability, they work well with all kinds of people.

French Bulldog Dog Breed

They love to play. We can also say that these dogs are charmers that have the perfect balance of fun, energy, and entertainment. Also, they can’t swim, so you need to keep an eye on them when near water.


When it comes to the smartest dog breeds in the world, Papillon stands at the 10th position. These dogs are extremely intelligent and work quite well in agility competitions. Also, these French dogs are very responsive to each kind of training.

When you make them learn something, they pick up the tricks quickly. This makes their owners enjoy the Papillon’s ability to perform. If they are kept mostly at home, they are happy dogs and can even perform their watchdog duties. Though they are somewhat carefree dogs, they are also alert dogs that perform very well in a few things.

Papillon French Dog Breed

These small French dog breeds are not the best lapdogs. It is so because they do not like to cuddle like typical lapdogs. The optimistic and happy nature of these dogs makes them a great addition to your home.

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Large French Dog Breeds

Do you know that France is also a home of some of the popular large dog breeds? Some of these large French dog breeds have made global recognition and are loved by dog lovers all over the world. Let’s talk about some of the large dog breeds in France.

Basset Hound

These dogs are one of the largest dog breeds, where an adult male can gain up to 65 lbs. weight. They have long droopy ears and attractive personalities. These features make these dogs able to receive love from international dog fans.

Though they are a little funny and goofy, they have a strong core and powerful posture that prevent them from making any mistakes. They have a high level of stamina, which means they can tirelessly track down deers, rabbits, or other small animals with their strong sense of smell.

Basset Hound French Dog Breed

These dogs have around 220 million smell receptors in the nose. This makes them counted in the list of the dogs with the best noses; somewhere, they have gained the second position to Bloodhound.

You may find them a little stubborn on the field, but when at home, they are calm and gentle dogs. They are loyal dogs and highly affectionate around their family members. They are sociable as well. Thus, they work quite well with the kids.


These French dogs are also famous among dog-loving families. These dogs are highly powerful and compassionate, along with having a sensitive nature. They are also very calm and loyal, which makes them a preferable choice for families with kids. They are also counted in the list of top guard dogs.

Though they have family-oriented characteristics, they were bred to be served as competent herding dogs. To make these dogs great companions, they need a high level of socializing and obedience training.


These days, they are widely used as guards and watchdogs for people and property. Though they are extremely devoted to their jobs, just keep in mind that they may be territorial.

Berger Picard

Some of you might have heard about Berger Picard as the best problem solver in the world of canine. The intelligent mind and the strongest will are high enough to believe this fact. These dogs have a lively attitude that attracts large dog lovers to own Berger Picard.

These dogs are highly self-confident and spirited and have a lot to match the energy level of your kids. They have high intelligence and eagerness to work. These features make them highly capable of achieving success in obedience training. Still, there are chances that you may get a few stubborn streaks along the way.

Berger Picard french dog breeds

At some point, you may feel like that your dog has unlimited energy. So, it becomes important to keep your dog physically stimulated with the aim of avoiding any kind of destructive behavior. They are also very cheerful and vigilant.

If you are a person with an active lifestyle, these are one of the best large French dog breeds for you.


These dogs have sharp noses, which makes them one of the popular dog breeds in the world. One characteristic that makes Bloodhounds different from any other dog is their ability to find lost people or criminals. Despite having this unique ability, they can also be made a superb choice for families.

These dogs are also very sociable and love to spend time around their families and kids. The new owners are recommended to avoid training their Bloodhound because these dogs are more likely to get distracted by interesting scents.

Bloodhound French dog breeds

When you go through the list of least intelligent dog breeds, you will find Bloodhound among them. But, it does not mean that these dogs are completely dumb. Though they are not much focused on the obedience task at hand, they have a powerful nose which makes them able to track anything.

The interesting fact about Bloodhounds is that they have the ability to follow the scent for 130 miles even after 300 hours of the scent left in the area.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Another name is Bordeaux Mastiff, they are also called the king of French guard dogs. An adult male dog can gain even more than 100 pounds with a powerful muscular frame. But no worries at all, these dogs are not as malicious as they look.

These dogs are friendly, affectionate, and devoted. They also have great protective characteristics. They are also very brave and rewarded as one of the most courageous dogs. They can help you when faced with a threat. When these dogs are with their family, they tend to be sensitive and sweet.

Dogue de Bordeaux

You can own this dog to have a watch over your kids. For this, they need proper training and socializing. They stay calm at home but act swiftly when they find that your kids are in danger. You can think of getting this dog to have your back.

French Spaniel

This is one of the most popular large French dog breeds that are both loving and energetic. But, you must know that these dogs are fearless as well. Due to their balanced nature, they can be one of the decent canine companions for hunters.

Also, these dogs are very calm, confident, and sociable. It means that they do well with other pets, including dogs and cats. When these dogs are on the field, they are extremely enthusiastic companions that you can use to retrieve and flush small games.

French Spaniel

They are calm and passive, but it does not mean that they are weak. Instead, you can find them one of the toughest dogs. These dogs are also known for their more durable and sturdy nature than you would imagine. Among all spaniel dogs, these dogs are the largest among this group.

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Final Words

On one side where we know France for its cheese and wine, we should also not forget that France has a great contribution to the pet world as well. Whether you are looking for small or large French dog breeds, you will find many such dogs. Even thousands of dog-loving families have owned one or another of these breeds as per their needs and choice.

Just go through this list and find the one to give them a new place with lots of love and caring.