Are you ready to welcome your first cat home? Are you worried about where to start? If you are a first-time owner, there may be many things running in your mind.

Having a cat means getting your home at-proof, along with all necessary cat supplies. Here, one of the most important things is to look for the best cat breeds for new owners so that they can easily fit into your home and lifestyle.

It is also true that many people find it daunted by all the things when looking to own the first cat. To ease this task, we have collected some of the best first time cat owner breeds. Always keep in mind if you are a first-time cat owner, you need to do a little research into various breeds as it will help you to find the best for you and your family.

Every cat is different, so don’t assume that your owned cat will work perfectly as the physical and personality characteristics typical of her breed. Do you know that you will love your cat because of these little differences?

Of course, whether you are a first-time cat owner or have owned other cats too, getting a cat will always be an exciting and overwhelming experience. Therefore, it is advised to look for a cat breed that can easily fit your own character and personality, especially if you are a first-time owner.

Let’s have a look at some of the good cat breeds for first time owners that you can go through to find the one for your home.

Before going to the main section of the post, you must know a few factors that need to be considered when getting a new cat.


You must be very clear in your mind that whether you want a kitten, an adult cat, or a senior one.

Activity level

You must know that some cats are highly active and playful while others love to spend most of their time at a peaceful place. Active cats can be more fun and entertaining for your family, but at the same time, they can also cause mischief.

Grooming and maintenance

Having a cat means you need to spend time regularly on their grooming. Are you looking for the one that needs less grooming?


Do you know that some cats love to spend time with their owners and may also demand attention? On the other hand, some cats are independent and self-sufficient.

Best Cat Breeds For New Owners


Are you looking to get a very vocal cat as your best companion? This cat breed has a distinctive voice and can sometimes be very loud. These cats are very loving and are also very determined in what they want. Because of their loud voice, you can’t help but meet their desire.

Siamese has a sleek body, a wedge head, and long legs. This breed is also popular as one of the best first time cat owner breeds due to its short and silky coat. You can find these cats in a variety of colors, and they have deep blue and almond-shaped eyes.

Siamese first time cat owner breeds

They are known for their intelligence and are very fun to be around. Their maintenance is very simple and easier as they don’t have long hair. They are very loyal, social, and curious.

Russian Blue

If you want to add a sweet-tempered and loyal cat to your family, Russian Blue can be your best choice. These cats have a silky, short blue coat and are known for their large, green brilliant eyes. These cats are very quiet most of the time, except when it’s their mealtime.

Though these cats love to spend time and are affectionate to the owners and their families, they can be shy around strangers. Russian Blue has the feature of understanding their human’s needs and provide comfort whenever required. In addition to this, Russian Blues love to play hard and eat well.

Russian Blue first time cat owner breeds

These cats are not only good cat breeds for first time owners, but they are also preferred due to their intelligence. Due to this feature, these cats are reserved and always ready to check out anything and also make certain that a particular thing is not a threat. Once your cat chooses you as their person, you both will make an unbroken bond.

Maine Coon

Do you like dogs but looking for cats? Maine Coons are perfect for first time cat owner breeds. These cats are known for their curiousness and have a gentle long, flowing coat. Moreover, this cat loves to follow their owners or people they love, like a pup.

These cats have a gentle soul who loves to spend more time with their person and also follow them around just to find what is going on. Some people will be amazed to hear the Maine Coon sound for the first time. This cat has a very pitchy voice.

The size and distinctive coat of these cats are one of their main characteristics. They have a long-haired coat with uneven and shaggy fur, which means they need frequent combings. They use their large tufted paws for protection when they walk on the snow. Also they have large ears, which are used to hear predators and prey. If you choose this cat breed you should definitely know How To Groom Cat At Home.

Maine Coons are very social, friendly, and playful. Moreover, this cat breed is smart, easy to train, and also loves attention.

first time cat owner breeds


These cats are recognized by their pointed pattern. They have a long coat, but not as long as the Persian and Maine Coon cats. Due to their plush and silky fur, these cats do not require too much maintenance. This makes Ragdolls one of the best cat breeds for new owners.

If we talk about its appearance, they have nothing special; everything is well-balanced without any unique feature.

These cats are very quiet and gentle and are also a great choice for those who have a busy lifestyle. It is so because these cats are very easy to care for and well-mannered. 

In addition to these qualities, Ragdolls are affectionate and love to greet their owners every time they return home after a long day. You can teach your cat different tricks, such as fetch and come. If you spend quality time with your cat, she can become your best buddy.

Ragdoll first time cat owner breeds

If you want a cat that is fun to play with and cuddly, you should consider ragdoll as the best cat breed. They love to snuggle and are also easy to groom and take care of.


If you want to own a cat having low activity level as well as also have long- flowing coat, this cat breed is the perfect pet for you. These cats look like a living doll, all because of their appearance and coat. They have large round eyes, long coats, and a large round head. It is a pet that you will love to see when you come home after a long day. 

They have a soft voice and very expressive eyes. Persian cats are playful, but they never ask you to play or be loved. But when they are in a mood, they play a lot. They cannot jump high or can do wide climbing because of their body shape.


The long and thick hair of Persian cats makes them one of the popular first time cat owner breeds throughout the world. But, you can keep their hair under control with regular brushing. These cats are not big shedders, which means your couches and carpets will not look shaggy over time.

They are not extremely active by nature and can easily adapt to apartment living, especially when they have a window or any space to look out all through the day.

Scottish Fold

Apart from their unique ears, these cats are quite popular among first time cat owners due to their sensitive, expressive, and active behavior. The ears of Scottish Fold cat are somewhat bent forward against their head in such a way that they give them an owl-like appearance. These cats have large eyes and a round head.

People who want to own sweet and affectionate cat for their family, they are advised to think of the Scottish fold as one of the good cat breeds for first time owners. You must also know that these cats are not very vocal. But, they are fond of human companionship and don’t feel shy of asking for spending time with their owner. Whether you have a large family or a single person living in your home, these cats feel comfortable with both.

Scottish fold first time cat owner breeds

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Are you looking for a highly active, energetic, and acrobatic cat? Sphynx can be the best cat for you. They are known as a hairless cat. But, you must also know that some Sphynx cat breeds have some hair. Just because they have no or less fur, they usually look for warm areas, such as laps, under the covers, etc.  

They have engaging and wide eyes, while extra wrinkling on their head gives different facial expressions. These cats are extremely clumsy and desire to spend most of their time with their human companion. You can see your cat full of energy most of the time, but they also get into trouble because of their naughty behavior.


If you are afraid of owning a cat due to its hair, you can get a Sphynx cat. Though these hairless cats have a unique look, they are also super-loving. Also, you need not worry about their grooming.

Exotic Shorthair

Do you love a Persian cat but are afraid of maintaining its coat? Obviously, you will love a cat with short hair. Here, nothing would be better than owning an Exotic shorthair. Though these cats have short coats, they have thick and dense fur. Their coat makes them look like a teddy bear. 

Exotic shorthair cats are quiet, peaceful, playful, and loyal companions. These cats are extremely affectionate but do not like to follow you around the house. When they have to sleep, they look for colder areas. It means you will not find them in your bed at night. 

first time cat owner breeds

These are the best cat breeds for new owners and look very similar to Persian cats. The only difference is their short hair and striped markings. You can keep this cat with other cats, dogs, or kids.

Norwegian Forest Cat

These cats are the perfect first time cat owner breeds for those who look for a more reserved cat with a medium coat. They have a triangular head, a large body, and almond-shaped eyes. Their front paws have slightly pointed outward so that they can easily go head-first down a tree. This quality is something that no other cat breed can do.

These cats are very independent and will come to you when they feel like getting affection. They are also very energetic on a scratching post or cat tree. Their rug appearance fits perfectly with their name.

Norwegian Forest Cat


This cat has a wild and leopard-like appearance and is a very active cat. These cats can easily be recognized by their vivid spots of vibrant color. They have a glossy coat and a wide nose. People looking for first time cat owner breeds can consider owning Bengal as their best pet.

Brining a Bengal in your home means you are getting a confident companion. They are very curious and have athletic nature that keeps you busy most of your time when you are with them. They love to play and learn tricks. In addition to these, these cats also love water. You can even find them joining you in the shower.

They may look exotic, but they are a domesticated cat. They are curious, smart, and loving. Also, they can easily fit with a variety of household situations.

You can also go through these tips for first time cat owners for more information.

Final Words

All these first time cat owner breeds are easy to care for and also have exclusive personalities that make you able to fall in love with them. The cats in this list require low maintenance.

Whether you want an active or lazy cat or the one who talks loudly or is quiet, you can find the one from this list. Just get the best that is perfect suited to you and your family’s needs.