It is a fact, and even you might have experienced in some way, that if you judge a person to do something out of his ability, he will live his entire life as stupid by others.

We apply this thought to animals as well. Though people love dogs, they also spend time judging their intelligence. If we thought in another way, it makes sense. As we depend on dogs for several jobs, we would like to get the one that is good at its job.

Do you think that there is something like dumb dog breeds?

If you ask this question to the animal researcher, he will deny it. It is just a matter of classifying the abilities the dog is good at in order to realize its intelligence.

The intelligence of dogs is measured in several different ways –

  • Instinctive intelligence (ability to perform jobs the dog was bred for)
  • Adaptive intelligence (ability to solve problems)
  • Working and obedience intelligence (ability to learn from humans)

Always remember that just like humans, dog breeds are also different from each other in terms of intelligence and competencies. Some of these dogs respond quickly to instructions and commands, while some of them excel in other jobs, such as hunting, herding, or retrieving. 

Most owners measure their companion’s intelligence with the way they respond. Like, if a particular dog breed responds quickly to instructions, it is recognized as more intelligent than others, even though they have limitations in other aspects.

The truth is that all dogs, regardless of their abilities, are intelligent in one way or another.

Here is the list of the top 10 dumbest dog breeds on this planet.

Afghan Hound

When it comes to the list of dumbest dog breeds, Afghan hounds tops this list. But if you are an Afghan lover, you will surely disagree with this statement. These dogs were bred to hunt with the help of their exceptional speed and vision.

Just like many sighthounds, these dogs can also be a little standoffish and reserved. They do not go well with strangers. Sometimes, they are stubborn and independent. Due to this reason, this dog breed is not easy to train. Some people take them as dumb dogs. The reason behind this trait is that Afghan hounds usually think for themselves and perform jobs on their own terms.

Afghan Hound Dumbest Dog Breeds

So, when you train an Afghan, you may need to be a little creative. They are also devoted to their humans, which makes them special companions.


These dogs have also gained their position as the dumbest dog breeds. They are other sighthounds that are known for their independence and aloofness. These dogs also have feline qualities, as you can see many of these dogs grooming themselves like cats.

These dogs have lived their most early days as semi-wild hunters. They have a gorgeous sleek coat and compact body. They were priceless for African tribes who used them for hunting and protection. More to your surprise, these dogs do not bark.

Though these dogs are very difficult to train, it does not mean that you should judge them with their intelligence. These dogs are intelligent, curious, and playful. Just like snooping kids, they also get into trouble if you have no watch on them.

Besenji Dumbest Dog Breeds

Some people believe that raising this dog breed is something like taming a wild animal. Though they are watchful and wary, some of them can even make a strong bond with their owners. Always remember that these dogs are stubborn, so you can expect them to disobey you many times. But, you can train them with positive training methods.


This is also one of the dumbest dog breeds that are known for their stubbornness. These dogs are difficult to train, but do you think this reason is accurate to classify them as the dumbest dogs?

They have a squat build, crumpled skin, and a compressed face. These dogs were bred with the aim of keeping the breed from getting nonexistent. They have a unique personality, just like their looks.

Bull Dog Dumbest Dog Breeds

You can see the famous skateboarding or surfing Bulldogs and can easily get into the thought that bulldogs are capable of learning. These dogs are also considered lazy dogs. But, some of them enjoy more energetic activities instead of lying on the couch without doing anything.

Though they may not be the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, they are ranked at 5th position on the American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dogs in the United States.

Chow Chow

These dogs may look like adorable teddy bears, but they are not cuddly dogs. Earlier, these dogs were bred to be served as guard dogs. They are serious, independent, and aloof. Due to their stubbornness, they are very difficult to train. This has spotted them on the list of dumbest dog breeds.

But, it does not mean they are not intelligent; they have minds of their own. If you do not give proper training to this dog, they may challenge you for authority. As a result, you may face problems handling your chow chow. If you own this dog, make sure to give firm and fair training and also start socializing them from an early age.

Chow Chow Dumbest Dog Breeds

Always remember that if you raise them properly, these dogs can be noble, loyal, and devoted companions. We can also say that these dogs are outstanding problem solvers. They are devoted companions to the right family.


Do you know that Borzoi is known for their independent and freethinking nature? Since these dogs are also stubborn, this makes them earn a position on the dumbest dog breeds list.

Upon the revolution, this dog breed was almost extinct. Fortunately, some breed enthusiasts from all over the world put all their efforts into ensuring the breed’s survival. Those who know this breed very well claim that these dogs are devoted, loving, and intelligent in their own way.

You need to be very patient when training your Borzoi. When they get frequent, short training sessions, you will find them do their best. But, they do not work well in hour-long sessions.

Borzoi Dumbest Dog Breed

What makes them different from other dogs in this list is that they are well-mannered, calm, and also very clean. They are extremely affectionate with the people they love the most.

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These dogs are other hounds on the list of dumbest dog breeds. They give several reasons to be owned by dog lovers around the world. Bloodhounds see this world with their noses. They are hard to train and have plenty of energy. They are also stubborn and independent.

Due to their remarkable nose, they are wonderful working dogs like no other. It is difficult for them to follow anything other than the scent they are presently inhaling.

Bloodhound Dumbest Dog Breeds

They are also relentless when on a scent trail. When all these characteristics are combined, this makes them challenging to live with. When you take your bloodhound to a tracking event, you will be amazed to see their special talents.


These dogs are somewhat sloth-like, which gives people a reason to think them a little slow. When they are at home, they love to spend most of the time on the couch. One of the reasons for this act can be due to their physical build.

This ancient breed was hailed from China. These dogs had served as scared pets in 8th century China. Earlier, they were also called ‘sleeve dogs’ because the members of the Imperial household used to carry their beloved companions warmly in their voluminous sleeves.

They are also stubborn and sometimes become difficult to control. But, these features do not make them dumb. These dogs are more likely to develop some training challenges. So, it is recommended to start training early and make sure to be consistent.

Pekingese Dumbest Dog Breeds

If you are thinking of the reasons for finding these dogs on the list of dumbest dog breeds, you will find them nothing more than simply snuggle up and be adorable.


The keen sense of smell of these dogs has earned them a rank on the list of the dumbest dog breeds. Just like Bloodhounds, this dog breed also follows their noses. This characteristic sometimes gets these dogs into trouble.

They were bred for hunting and are scent hounds that are unable to make the ranks among the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Though they are the dumbest breed, they are also one of the favorites among dog lovers.

They are sweet and have an affectionate nature. Also, when these features are combined with their happy-go-lucky attitude, some people take them as empty-headed companions. But, these dogs are far from dumb. Due to their loving nature, they usually love to greet everyone around them.


They are trainable, fun-loving, and inquisitive. It is advised to keep your beagle on a leash. They are always ready to explore and smell the world.


They have a large build and are very cheerful. So, if you think that these dogs are a little dense, just chill. Mastiffs are also stubborn, so they can be more challenging to train as compared to some other breeds.

This is a very old breed that was bred as powerful defenders of ancient civilizations. You can find these majestic dogs all around the world. Though they were used for big-game hunting, they have never lost their war dog appeal. 

The activity level and ease of training are not the right factors to determine the intelligence of any breed. These dogs are extremely bright. But, due to their large size and caution of strangers, it is recommended to start training and socialization as early as possible, especially in their puppyhood.


This will make your Mastiff well-behaved and discerning companions.

Basset Hound

Just like Pekingese, these dogs are also a little lazy. This can be due to their low and long bodies, or another reason can be their laid-back personalities. They are also a little stubborn and have some characteristics like their cousins – Bloodhounds and Beagles. 

These scenthounds cannot ignore the scents around them, which makes them comfortable to concentrate on learning. They are always ready to please their people. Moreover, they are also food motivated. They perform really well in training.

Basset Hound

They were bred to follow the scent of rabbits and deer in France. Also, they are beloved by enthusiasts who admire their low-key nature and appealing expression.

This easy-going breed is though known for lack of intelligence. This makes them one of the dumbest dog breeds in the world.

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Is it true that dogs are dumb?

Actually, it is not correct to classify some dog breeds as dumb. But, we can’t ignore the fact that certain breeds are a little difficult to train. This can be due to their stubbornness and disobedience. Sometimes, this is a result of how these dogs were bred.

Always remember that dogs are what they were bred to be first. They are what they were trained to be. You may have a hard time training if you are going to own a dog for the first time. But, it doesn’t mean they are dumb.

Why are most of the hound dog breeds among the dumbest dog breeds?

We all know that all scent hounds are ruled by their noses. These dogs are difficult to train because they have a habit of looking down. They hardly show any interest in listening or pleasing anybody. They are only interested in tracking something with their noses.

But, it does not mean that hound dog breeds are not smart. They are very independent. Thus, we can also say that they can be more intelligent than being obedient.