Have you brought a new dog into your home? Are you wondering how to train a dog? Are you having difficulty training your dog? You have a number of options to train your new pet. 

Owning a pet means you have to start training your dog immediately. Whether you are going to train your dog yourself or hiring a professional trainer, there are certain basic dog training tips that help make this process easier.

Training is considered a great way to bond with your dog, and it also helps in building a strong relationship with him. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, all dogs need to be trained for some basic commands. This guide will help you to learn some of the important dog training tips.  

There is no doubt that you love your furry companion. But, it does not mean that each moment you spend with your dog is enjoyable, especially when your pet is not trained to act in the proper way or when you want to avoid certain unwanted behavior. There are a number of techniques that you can learn from unknown sources, providing you the best tips to get your dog trained. 

Let’s learn about some of the best methods for how to train a dog effectively.

How To Train Dog Training tips

How Should You Train Your Dog?

Two common methods for how to train a dog are the aversive-based method and the reward-based method.

The aversive-based method involves positive punishment and negative reinforcement techniques to train your dog. This method uses several techniques, such as speaking loud words, unpleasant noises, and scolding, that get your dog to perform the act in the way you want.

The reward-based method involves giving rewards to the behavior and acts of your dog that you want him to follow. You offer rewards in the form of treats, belly rubs, or other dog-pleasing actions when your dog does something that you want him to do. This makes him understand that the behavior is good.

Some people believe that the reward-based method sets a positive behavior for your dog where they experience happy feelings when they do something for what they are told. On the other hand, the aversive-based method works in the opposite way because it results in making your dog scared of you. It means your dog will do what you will tell him to do to avoid unpleasant feelings.

Effective Dog Training Tips

Don’t Think Twice to Use Treats

We all know that dogs like treats. No matter where they are and what they are doing, as soon as they see the treat in your hands, they will come running to you. Due to this, treats are considered an incredible tool when you train your dog. You can give a treat to your dog as a reward for good behavior, or you can give him a treat once he completes a desired action.

You can give treats to a dog even when you are not at home. Just use a dog camera that dispenses treats. This way, you can encourage him to behave well when you are out. Also, keep in mind that you should not make your dog rely on treats to do something you want. But, treats can be an essential tool in the early phase of training while building good behavior.

Treats Dog Training tips

Don’t Wait for Much to Start Training

If you want to learn how to train a dog, you should not wait too long to learn and start training your dog. The more your dog lives without sufficient training, the older he gets, and it will become harder to train him. You must know that puppies have short attention spans; it means they are able to learn certain commands within their first weeks of starting the training sessions.

One of the recommended dog training tips is to train your dog quickly. But, the learning time depends on the age of your dog. So, you have to use certain kinds of training accordingly. Most puppies don’t have much control over their bladder until they turn 12-16 weeks old. It means there is no need to try potty training as this may not be an effective idea. Wanna know when to start and how? Potty Training Tips For Puppy.

Work on Eliminating Distractions

Distraction Dog Training tips

The main cause of an unsuccessful training session is a distraction. Do you know that you experience a frustrating training session just because your dog is getting distracted by a variety of things? Therefore, you must work on eliminating these distractions during dog training sessions. The best idea is to hide his toys and close the windows so that he cannot see anything that can distract him. If possible, try to do training sessions in quiet places where no child or other pets are present.

Sometimes, even if there is no distraction, the dog may lose his focus and become more difficult to train. The experts recommend keeping dog training sessions of 10-15 minutes only. Because if you keep these sessions for longer, your pet may get distracted and start losing interest in anything you are teaching to him.

Be Concise

Being a dog owner, you must be aware of the fact that your dog can learn different words and phrases. But, make sure to use the Basic English language when you start to train him. When you teach him the beginner’s commands and behavior, it is best to stick to just one-word verbal commands.

Some of the common and easy-to-understand verbal commands are – sit, down, up, stay, etc. You can make the question of how to train a dog easier using these words as the basic training. If you use full sentences or multiple words at a time, it may confuse your puppy, and he may not be able to associate the words with the action.

Use the Right Training Tools


One of the effective dog training tips to make this process easier is to use the right training tools. No matter what training style you are using, you must have the right tools that will help you to connect with your puppy in a better way. Moreover, it will also encourage him to be engaged in what you want to teach.

The easier way is to keep a treat pouch nearby as it will help your puppy work on your command because he will get a treat as a reward after this action. No doubt dog training requires some kind of preparation. But if you have the right tools, you can find numerous opportunities that help you to incorporate training as a daily activity.

Listen to Your Dog

If you are unsure how to train a dog, it is very important to listen to your dog. If you notice that your dog is feeling uncomfortable when meeting another dog or person, never force him to say hello. With this behavior, he conveys to you that he is not comfortable due to one or another reason. So, you should respect it. Always keep in mind that it can result in more problems down the line if you force your dog on something.

Be Generous with Attention and Praise

Most dog owners or professional trainers don’t find any problem in being very clear when they are unsatisfied or not happy with their dogs. While showing your unhappiness, you usually ignore the good stuff. It is really a big mistake when you start training your dog.

You must ensure to give lots of attention to your dog when he is doing actions that you want. When he does anything right, you must tell him that he is a good boy. This time, you must be generous with lots of attention and praise. There is nothing wrong with being a little over the top.

Get Treats that Your Dog Like

Just having a pouch of treats is not enough. There is no doubt that all dogs love to have treats, but it does not mean that what you have in the pouch will be loved by your dog. Some dogs are very choosy about what they want to eat. Instead of giving hard and crunchy treats to your dog, you can give soft and chewy treats to him. Always keep your eyes open to check what your dog likes the most.

treats that dog like

Have Realistic Expectations

Always remember that changing behavior takes time. You need to be very realistic about the change in your dog’s behavior and how much time it will take to train your dog in the way you want. It is very important to have realistic expectations. Often, some normal dog behavior can take more time, like barking, digging, and jumping.

At the same time, you must also take into account how long your dog has been taught the specific behavior. For example, if your dog has a habit of jumping on people to greet them for the last six years. Now, you don’t want your dog to behave this way. This type of behavior will take much more time to change than what you had taught him when he was a puppy. You can change the behavior of your dog, but always keep in mind that some will take longer than others.

Don’t Forget to Feed a High-Quality Food

One of the most important dog training tips that most people usually underestimate is to feed your dog high-quality food. Make sure to provide a diet that includes an appropriate amount of protein. If your dog spends most of the time in the apartment, then it is advised not to feed him food with high protein. Because protein is ideal for dogs who go outside and play.

High Quality food

If you spend money on giving a suitable quality food means you are saving vet bills for later. You must consult your vet to know about the right diet for your dog. You can choose from Best Dog Food Brands.


If you have just got a new dog, make sure to let him earn the freedom to explore your home. Some pet owners make the mistake of allowing their pets too much freedom as soon they enter their homes. This can result in several problems, such as house-training accidents, destructive chewing.

You must close the doors to unoccupied rooms, or the best idea is to make use of baby gates to prevent your dog from getting off the house, if possible. One of the best methods to lessen such incidents is to keep your dog tied in the home, or you can put them in a crate or dog’s safe area, especially when you don’t have enough time to supervise your dog.

End With a Positive Note

Never forget this one of the recommended dog training tips. When there is an end of the training session, it means there is a decent successful result. So, don’t forget to end the session with a positive note. Always keep in mind that the dog has spent a lot of time and effort to learn new things. He has done a great job in impressing and working with you. It means you have to show your appreciation to him.

Good note Dog Training tips

You can appreciate your dog with a few treats, petting him, or playing a little bit with your dog. Always try to associate the dog training with happiness and fun, so avoid treating them with anger and scolding. Appreciation makes sure that your pet is ready for the next session.

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Final Words

No matter what behavior your dog has, these dog training tips will help you to a great extent in making the training sessions a fun time for you and your dog. Also, make sure that your dog does not get bored or fear you because of scolding and your forceful behavior. Whenever you get a puppy in your home, just follow these tips to get the best results.