Celebrities are just like us! They also adore and love cute little doggos and are known to have some of the most adorable and lovable pets as their companions. For many an A-Lister, a dog is a loyal companion to accompany them on the road or even on the red carpets! 

Not only celebrities are enjoying the spotlight but celebrity pet dogs are also coming into the limelight and blessing our social media feeds with their cuteness! The paparazzi always keep an eye on them as well as the celebrity pets to click adorable photos. 

No less well-known are the dogs they have chosen to be part of their spotlight. No dog seems exempt from being selected to stand proud by the side of its famous counterpart, and many enjoy the extra attention.

When it comes to celebrity pets, their life is different! Celebrity pet dogs live their life to the fullest in a very sophisticated way. Stars also give us a sneak peek into their pet’s life through social media handles. 

Not only do they garner their share of the spotlight, but they are also pampered and preened much more than we can ever hope to be. 

Here are some of the A-list celebrity pet dogs.

Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy is renowned and adored for two things: His unmatchable acting skills and his love for doggos! He loves and cherishes dogs as he has co-starred with them, posed with them, kissed them, hugged them, and even cried with them! 

He is working with the PETA adoption campaign and doing public services to better the lives of rescue dogs. 

His love for cute pets knows no boundaries as he regularly watches the show called The Dog Whisperer. In 2014, while giving an interview to the Vulture, he mentioned the word “dog” 62 times in a single conversation. 

He had owned various dogs throughout the years, from Mad max of his drama school dog to his recent rescue dog called Woodstock. 

The way he embraces his cute little bunch of happiness is quite blissful! 

Tom Hardy

Lionel Messi  

The mericularly talented footballer is known for his unrealistic skills on the football pitch and how he even manages to mesmerize fans and opponents alike! On the pitch, he is the god of football, and off the pitch, he is a proud owner of Bordeaux Mastiff. The six-time Ballon d’Or winner’s house is blessed and guarded by a gigantic Dogue de Bordeaux! 

This breed is known for its short hairs, large heads, and distinctive red fawn. They are primarily used as guard dogs, looking after livestock and home. They are powerful, too, as French Mastiff has been used for pulling cargos in the past. 

However, as his talented owner calls him lovingly, Hulk is not the only dog housed in the Casa Messi as he also owns Toby, a Bichon Frise. Messi loves goals and his hound profoundly, and has two of the most handsome celebrity pet dogs to shower them with love!        

Lionel Messi Celebrity Pet dogs

Lewis Hamilton

The seven-time World Driver’s champion in F1, Lewis Hamilton, owns a bulldog, Roscoe. Roscoe is beloved by all the people in and around the F1 circuit and enjoys cult-like celebrity status among celebrity pets. The love for hounds runs in the Hamilton family as his mother and father owned five dogs in his childhood. 

Roscoe joined the family in 2013, and he was accompanied by a female British Bulldog called Coco. Hamilton is very close to his four-legged companion Roscoe as he even got a passport for him and asked F1 authority to let him accompany the doggo while traveling for races. 

Roscoe, the bulldog, enjoys quite a fascinating following on Instagram as he has more than 328k followers on his social media handle. The adventures of Roscoe and Coco are adored by people all around the world and that has gained immense popularity for Hamilton’s two cute celebrity pet dogs!      

Ariana Grande

Apart from being a singing sensation, the superstar is a super pet-lover too! She has taken the love for dogs to a whole new level and has launched Orange Twins Rescue Center. People love and adore celebrities who work for rescue animals, and Ariana Grande is setting an excellent example for this initiative. 

You will be astonished to know that Ariana owns 10 – yes – 10 rescue dogs! Her beloved dogs are Toulouse – a Beagle Chihuahua, rescued from an animal shelter, and Myron, the dog she shared with her ex-boyfriend. She even got a tattoo of Myron after her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, died.  

Coco is another dog you will see accompanying the songstress. Coco is a dachshund-German shepherd mix and has her own Twitter handle named “MissCocoGrande.” Coco also appeared in Ariana’s new music video. 

Ariana Grande is a proud and blissful owner of Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Sirius, Strauss, Lafayette, and Pignoli; all rescue dogs! The super dog mom with her army of cute and adorable celebrity pet dogs!     

Ariana Grande Celebrity Pet dogs

Joe & Jill Biden 

Let’s raise a toast for (Drumroll begins) the United States Joe Biden president and the first lady and Jill Biden and their prideful and esteemed hounds, Champ and Major! No pets were living in the white house during the tenure of the Trump administration, but Joe Biden came and changed that! 

He brought Major and Champ to the white house and set an example as good animal lovers. Both the dogs have a backstory behind how they came into the Biden family. Joe Biden promised Jill in 2008 that if Barack Obama wins the Presidential elections, he will buy her a new dog. Obama won, and Champ was welcomed into the Biden family. 

Joe Biden's Celebrity Pet dogs

On the other hand, Major was a rescue dog exposed to something toxic and was lying in a litter. Former owners were unable to take veterinary care for Major. President Biden’s affinity for German Shepherds is well known as he has trained them in the past. He took Major under his wings and brought him to the white house along with Champ.  

Fun Fact: Major is the first rescue dog to live in the White House.

Chris Evans 

Another celebrity and another rescue dog lover! Captain America, as he is known in his fan community, Chris Evans owns a Boxer-mix rescue dog called Dodger. When you visit Evans’ Instagram profile, you will be a witness to one of the purest bonds a human can have with a dog. 

Chris even got a tattoo to honor his beloved Dodger! 

He adopted his cute pup in 2017 and has constantly blessed the Internet with some of the most adorable moments consisting of tons of photos of himself and his sweet little pudding of joy! He visited a dog shelter and bonded instantly with Dodger. 

Chris and his love for his pup are well known as he has shared almost everything about his furry BFF on social networking sites. 

The Pairing of Captain America and Dodger is loved and adored by all the netizens, and we can’t get enough of their unconditional bond too!     

Chris Evan Celebrity Pet dogs

Matthew Perry 

The heartthrob of millennials and king of sarcasm is also a proud dad of Alfred – one of the cutest celebrity pet dogs! Matthew Perry welcomed a doddle mix companion in his house by sharing an adorable photo of him holding the puddle of joy in his hands. 

Matthew Perry Celebrity Pet dogs

Alfredo even has an Insta account and has more than 68,000 followers who love to see Perry’s pup living a luxurious and cute life with the comedy star. Matthew’s new furry friend has won the Internet over with its cuteness, and people can’t get enough of these two!    

Ellen DeGeneres

She is the star host of the television show and is known to be a big pup love, especially when it comes to rescue pups. Along with her wife, Portia de Rossi, she owns four adorable rescue dogs and three cats.

Sadly, she had to say goodbye to her oldest one, Wolf, a mixed breed of Poodle Maltese. Wolf was with Ellen for more than a decade, and he was there to witness some of the most critical and adorable moments of Ellen’s life, including her wedding. 

The best thing about Ellen as a pet mother is that she never shies away from showing her love for these cute canines as she constantly brings them with her everywhere she goes! Wolf was a malnourished and mistreated dog and was wandering on the street. 

Ellen rescued him and gave her all the love and care he deserves. A Proud pet mum on our list!     

Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most loved and adored stars, and she is a heartthrob of millennials. However, her eyes are the three pups she owns. Clyde, Sophie, and Lord Chesterfield are her beloved fur family members, and she adores them! 

Clyde, a Schnauzer mix, and Sophie, a white pit bull, are her furry friends, along with the adorable four-legged companion Lord Chesterfield. She adopted Lord Chesterfield, a rescue dog with the help of wagmorpets. 

You can often see her enjoying her weekend with her paw family in the backyard of her splendid Bel Air, California mansion.

Emilia Clark 

The mother of dragons is also a very proud Pet mom of a cute pup called Ted! Ted is bringing incredible joy into her life, and she has shared very adorable photos of her cute canine on her social media handle. 

You can see Ted jumping in the taxi and walking on the streets of London and bless our social media feeds! The dachshund pup, also known as SuperTed and Teddington Clarke, is a heartthrob of many of us.  

One of the most stylish pups around in the celebrity pets list, Super Ted has accompanied Clark to photoshoots and shootings! She is limited to Ted as she also owns a pup named Roxy, and she is as cute as the Game of Thrones star! 

If you want a daily dose of pet cuteness in your Insta feed, then follow Emilia Clark, and you won’t be disappointed at all!  

Emilia Clarke Celebrity Pet dogs

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a star on stage and a lovable and affectionate pet mom off it! She has NINE dogs! Yes, you read it right. She is a proud pet mom of nine cute canines. Recently, she adopted her ninth dog, Kevin, and introduced him to her fans with an Instagram post. 

The debut of Kevin garnered more than 5.3 Million likes! With Kevin, she has Norman, Bambi, Rosie, Harlie, Wesley, Penny, Ernie, Sophia, and Odie. The pop star also revealed that she is building an air-conditioned and heated house for her pets. 

Her most famous canines are Italian greyhound Norman and Bambi, as they have their own Instagram handle, and people love to get glimpses of these celebrity dogs!  

Selena Gomez 

Seeing Selena Gomez is just enough to burst your heart as she is the cutest and most adored celebrity in Hollywood. Still, if you are not satisfied with this, then her adorable doggos will make you skip your heartbeat with their cuteness! 

Winnie and Daisy are the love of her life, and Selena loves her cute little bundles of happiness so much! Winnie is a sweet puddle of soft, cotton-candy furry pup, and Daisy is a rescued brown canine. You will see her cuddling and hugging her little puppies in her Instagram stories. 

These Pups have been great partners in lockdown for Selena and helped h to spend time in her house without getting bored!   

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Final Words 

These celebrities are proud owners of some of the most adorable and cutest canines. However, you will find it familiar that they adopt dogs rather than buying them from stores. So, if you are interested in getting a dog for yourself, try to adopt a rescue dog rather than buy one!