Are you finding it a little challenging to choose the right food for your rabbit? Are you worried about what to feed your rabbit? If these thoughts are overwhelming you, it means you need to work on them.

It is important to know that if you are looking for rabbit foods, they work as a supplement to the other foods. But, they are not the main source of calories. You must also consider the age of your pet when purchasing food. If your pet has any health issues, make sure to talk to your vet for the best rabbit food.

It is true, being pet owners, we all want our rabbits to feed a balanced diet. But, when we have so many options to choose from, many of us mostly get confused to know – what is the best food for pet rabbits? Since all rabbit foods are a little different in their ingredients and nutritional value. So, how would you decide?

We are here to help you in this regard. In this guide, we will give some brief information about some of the best pellet food for rabbits.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Pellet Food for Rabbits?

We all know that pellets are just a small share of your pet’s diet. But, do you know the ill-effects of choosing the wrong food? Feeding the wrong food to your rabbit can cause various health issues, such as obesity, nutritional imbalance, overheating, digestive problems, and diarrhea.

So, it is recommended to choose an easy-to-digest pellet for your rabbit.

Always keep in mind these criteria to choose the most appropriate and the best pellet food for rabbits.

  • Make sure that your chosen pellet food should contain hay, such as timothy, meadow, Oat, or Alfalfa hay.
  • These foods must be free from flasks of corn, such as maize, peas, etc.
  • These foods must be free from any kind of additive or artificial ingredients.
  • You should consider your rabbit’s age – adult, young, or old, while purchasing the pellet food.
  • When purchasing adult rabbit pellet food, make sure it should contain 11-14% protein, whereas, for young pellet food, it should have 14-18% protein.
  • Make sure that pellet food should have a high amount of fiber, i.e., 20-25%.
  • It should have low-fat content, i.e., 1-2% only.

What is the Best Pellet Food for Rabbits?

It is a little difficult to say that one food works better than the others. It is so because not all these foods have similar nutritional needs. You need to choose the one from a variety of food options so that you can have the best based on your rabbit’s age, weight, health problems, and so on. 

Let’s have a look at the list of some of the best rabbit foods.

Kaytee Supreme Pellet Rabbit Food

Kaytee Supreme Pellet

Any food that claims to be both fortified and supreme should be the best choice. This brand made a wide range of pet supplies and is quite popular for offering quality and affordable products.

This food contains natural protein, fiber, oils, and nutrients. The rabbits love to chew pellet food, which makes it the best food for pet rabbits. Some of the ingredients in this food are alfalfa meal, corn, oat groats, and wheat. Moreover, these crunchy pellets are easy to digest.

If you are looking for rabbit food containing essential B12, E, and D3 vitamins, Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food can be the best choice for you. Also, this food does not include artificial colors or flavors. It means your rabbit will get good-quality and healthy pellet food.

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend Pellet

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Blend Pellet food

If the Kaytee Supreme rabbit food is an expensive option for you, you have numerous alternatives as to the best food for pet rabbits. When it comes to quality and affordability, Sunburst Gourmet Blend pellet food for rabbits is the best choice for you.

This rabbit food contains some hay, which is quite essential to keep your rabbit healthy. You can feed this food to your rabbit as many other rabbit foods need hay to be fed as an additional ingredient. In addition to hay, this Higgins rabbit food also contains mixed fruits, flaked veggies, and pre-cooked legumes.

If we talk about its nutritional value, the Higgins rabbit food is known for containing plant-based DHA omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics. This helps in improving your rabbit’s immune system, digestive system, and overall health. This food also does not contain artificial ingredients.

Oxbow Garden Select Pellet

Oxbow Garden Select Pellet

If you have just owned a rabbit and are looking for the best pellet food for rabbits, this Oxbow Garden Select food for rabbits is a great option. The cost of this best rabbit food is a bit more, but it ensures some significant benefits to your rabbit’s health.

The ingredients found in this rabbit food are whole yellow pea, tomato, rosemary, and thyme. If you don’t have any garden and are looking for food that can fulfill all its needs, this is the best food for your pet. Along with these ingredients, this food also contains a variety of grass and hay. These ingredients ensure that your rabbit gets variety and stability in its diet.

This rabbit food is formulated and manufactured in the United States. For many people, the only reason for looking for other best rabbit food options is the pricing of this Oxbow Garden Select food.

Mazuri Timothy-Based Rabbit Diet Pellet Food

Mazuri Timothy-Based Diet Pellet

The next on this list is the Mazuri Timothy-based rabbit pellet food. This food works great for rabbits in all stages of their growth. Whether you have a rabbit kit, an adult, or an old rabbit, this food can be fed to all rabbits. This is the best pellet food for rabbits that contains a lot of fiber.

This food has a better mineral balance than alfalfa. One ingredient that is hard to find in other rabbit pellet foods is yucca schidigera. This ingredient is highly effective in reducing stool and urine odors. If you keep your rabbit indoors most of the time, you may consider this food for its amazing benefit.

Along with providing high fiber, this food for pet rabbits is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. you may find its pricing a little higher than other options, but it is worth buying for indoor rabbits.

Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Pellet Food

Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Pellet Food

This is one of the unique and most preferable pellet foods for rabbits on the list. This food is formulated with the aim to encourage the natural foraging behavior of the rabbits that we always want to see them doing. If you have an adult rabbit and are looking for the best rabbit food, this is one of the most balanced options.

This food contains various healthy ingredients, such as peas, maize, timothy hay, and alfalfa. In addition to the presence of these ingredients, it is also popular for having zero added sugar. Despite this, many people complain about the presence of sugar in this food.

No doubt your rabbit may enjoy eating this food, but you should make a decision if it is the healthiest option for your pet rabbit. Also, some people find this best food for pet rabbits quite expensive.

If you want to feed your rabbit a few spoons as a treat, you can consider this option. Make sure to feed your pet a diet with less sugary ingredients.

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Pellet Food

Oxbow Essentials Adult Rabbit Pellet

Oxbow is one of the most popular brands for rabbit pellet food among bunny parents. What makes it a quite healthy choice for your rabbit is that they are timothy hay-based pellets. It works well as a balanced diet and nutritious food option for rabbits.

Even many vets also recommend this pellet rabbit food to rabbit parents. This food is formulated with the main portion of hand-picked timothy hay and protein-rich Oxbow Alfalfa.

This pellet rabbit food contains a high amount of fiber and the ideal amount of protein and calcium. This food contains an adequate amount of natural and synthetic elements that make sure to feed a balanced diet to your bunny.

This food does not contain any kind of seed, fruit, or artificial ingredients. It means you can offer the best rabbit food daily. Also, this food does not contain any kind of unhealthy ingredients. Feeding this food to your rabbit means your pet will remain free from obesity, dental, or GI issues.

You can trust Oxbow brand as the best rabbit food provider.

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked With Apple Rabbit Pellet Food

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked With Apple Pellet Food

If you are looking for a pellet rabbit food that you can’t only feed your rabbit as a treat but is also a healthy choice for your bunny, this food from the Kaytee brand can be a great way to make a strong bond between you and your bunny. This can be the best treat for your pet rabbit.

This Timothy Biscuits treat is formulated using timothy hay, molasses, and apple. It contains a high amount of fiber and is one of the most suitable healthy rabbit foods for all ages. This is not only a preferable choice for enrichment and bondage but also works great in improving digestive health and dental health.

This food is the best choice for pet rabbits and for wild rabbits as well. Keep in mind that this food serves the purpose of treat, so it is not a suitable option for a daily meal.

Though this rabbit food is very cheap, you small bunny will surely love it for its quality, scent, and taste.

Sherwood Pet Health Adult Rabbit Food

Sherwood Pet Health Adult Food

If you want to give your rabbit soy-free and grain-free pellet food, this adult rabbit food from the Sherwood brand can be a great choice for you. Just like various other best pellet foods for rabbits on the list, this food also contains timothy hay – one of the healthiest ingredients for rabbit pellet food.

This food has a high amount of calcium and fiber and is one of the natural diets for a bunny. Other main ingredients are alfalfa hay, a whole oilseed blend that also includes flax, chelated minerals, mono-di-calcium phosphate, and vitamin B.

In addition to this, it is also a suitable food for your rabbit’s urinary and digestive health. Due to the presence of 100% balanced nutrition, even vets also recommend this food for the overall health of rabbits.

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  • How long does rabbit pellet food last?

You can see the expiration date on the bag/packaging of all rabbit food. When you are purchasing pellet food for your bunny, it is very important to consider the amount of food you will use to ensure that it does not spoil before using it all. If you think that your rabbit is not going to finish the food before its expiration date, make sure to buy a small bag. This way you not only save food but your money as well.

  • What primary ingredients are present in the best pellet food for rabbits?

First of all, you need to ensure that rabbit food should not contain any amount of sugar. You need to buy food that contains a good mixture of protein and fiber as it will help a lot in improving your bunny’s digestive health.

Another ingredient to look for in is a natural probiotic. You also need to make sure that these pellets are hay-based and contain natural ingredients – no sugary ingredients, such as corn.

  • What foods are not good for rabbits?

If you want to feed your rabbit a natural diet without using pellets, you should be aware of foods that are fatal to rabbits. Make sure not to give your rabbit some foods at any cost, such as avocado, cat food, dog food, chocolate, iceberg lettuce, sugary food, nuts, grains, and bread.

  • What amount of pellets to feed your rabbit?

Most vets recommend rabbit parents to feed an adult bunny nearly 1/8 to 1/4 cup of pellets for each 4-5 pounds of its body weight. Always keep in mind that your rabbit should eat plenty of hay along with its daily meal of pellets. Also, each rabbit is different, so you need to keep an eye on your bunny to know what they like the most.