When it comes to dog food, not all are super picky eaters. You have also observed the empty bowl of tasty treats. But, it does not mean any food is a good option for your dog to enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or at dinner.

When you choose a dog food brand, it is very important to consider the ingredients present in the food as well as the company’s ethos. It helps in making you feel confident about the company that it cares about your dog’s health and safety as you do. You must look for the best dog food brands to maintain the health of your dog.

Searching for the right food for dog can be challenging for many dog owners. It happens when you have so many choices and factors to consider for your dog’s health. This can be difficult to make the right decision. You can find numerous best dog food brands USA that supply their products to other countries as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the top dog food brands in the market that help you keep your dog’s system in top shape.

Royal Canin

Think of it as one of the best dog food brands for all sorts of dogs, such as large, small, puppies, and even adults. Moreover, you have a variety of options to choose from wet and dry foods with this brand.

This brand is known for its reputation and inspiring values. This brand focuses on making healthy food for pets. Along with this, a company also focuses on reducing their environmental impact. This company was established in France in the 1960s and has now become an international brand that offers its products all around the world.

You can easily find Royal Canin pet food at local pet food stores and in vet clinics. You can also buy them from several popular online retailers.

Royal Canin

Taste of the Wild

When you are looking for a budget-friendly dog food brand, you can think of buying Taste of the World products. Usually, it happens that you get what you have paid for. It means if you are buying cheap dog foods, they are usually made of poor quality ingredients or just stuffed with fillers.

Taste of the Wild doesn’t work like that. It is a family-owned company that prides itself on providing affordable and quality products containing quality ingredients. The ingredients present in dog foods go beyond chicken and beef. You can also see trout and bison on the ingredients list.

No matter what product you are looking for, you will find meat, poultry, or fish as the first ingredient on the ingredients list. It is one of the best dog food brands USA that follow safety and testing protocols. It ensures that every food item is healthy and safe for your dog. In addition to this, all products are made without any kind of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

You can buy the food products of the Taste of the Wild at major online pet food retailers and local pet food stores as well. The company offers both wet and dry food options and is available for dogs of all stages of life, such as puppy, adult, and older. You can also get grain-free foods for your dog suffering from allergies or a sensitive stomach.


Origen is another one of the top dog food brands which are known for offering high-quality dry food options. All foods offered by Origen are biologically appropriate, which means all products are made from ingredients that are healthy and meant for dogs and cats.

The brand also made fresh and regional foods. In addition to this, all suppliers of Origen products have to go through the comprehensive screening process. Also, not a single food is outsourced to other factories or kitchens. You can easily get food for puppies, adults, and older dogs. Whether your dog is large or small, Origen offers foods for all-sized dogs. Even if your dog is a picky eater, you can find this brand an excellent option for your dog and can easily be available online and in local pet food stores.

Origen best dog food brands

Hill’s Science Diet

As the name, the brand is popular for putting science at the heart of their products. Most of the foods rely on expert input. It means hundreds of vets and pet nutritionists are engaged in the development process of a variety of food options.

The brand offers wet food options depending on the varied size of the dogs and age. They also provide foods that help your dog managing weight and also if your dog needs help with limited mobility or if dealing with other health conditions.

Blue Buffalo

We all know that kids need special nutrition, similarly it happens with puppies. Since they are growing and developing constantly, they need to get more nutritional foods than adult dogs. Blue Buffalo offers a range of food options for puppies. You can get both canned and dry food options. Moreover, you have the choice to get the food based on the breed size.

Blue Buffalo is a dog food brand that gives you lots of options to choose from. They give more importance to the quality of ingredients. Whether it is a wet or dry food option, everything is made from natural ingredients. You can also see a thorough explanation on the brand’s website that can help you understand your dog’s diet in a better way.

All products of this American brand can be purchased at all major online pet food stores or at your local pet store.


Purina is one of the best dog food brands that have gained popularity for providing plenty of options for pets of all sizes. Moreover, it is also known for offering food options for large breed dogs, such as Great Danes. They provide food products from puppies to adulthood as large breed dogs have different nutritional needs as compared to small dogs.

Purina best dog food brands

You can find a variety of food options for large and giant dogs in the Purina Pro line. They offer both dry and wet choices. Some dog owners choose this brand as one of the affordable brands to save as a special treat meal for every day.

This brand has been producing pet food for more than 90 years. It believes in giving the best quality food to the owners. It focuses on creating innovative and quality products and on promoting sustainability.

Wellness Pet Food

Just like large dogs, when it comes to small dogs, they also have special nutritional needs. Small dogs burn more calories than large dogs. Of course, they have small mouths that make it comfortable to eat smaller kibble easily. 

This brand offers numerous food options for both dogs and cats. Also, they give importance to using natural ingredients without using any kind of filler on the ingredients list. They use fruits, veggies, grains, and meats to make your dog feel the difference. You can get both wet and dry options for small and toy breed dogs.


When you are searching for the top dog food brands, Pupper also marks its place on this list for a few reasons. The very first thing is that a brand focuses on using high-quality, wholesome, and natural ingredients in dog food options.

The combination of chicken and beef in a package includes the best freeze-dried ingredients that provide nutrients and give your dog the best food for the money you have. Moreover, Pupper gives importance to the quality of their products and follows strict personal standards for every food package they manufacture.

Pupper products are available online. They help dog owners by keeping the prices of the products low and also ensure that this quality never lacks. The brand is serving thousands of happy customers and is continually growing in demand. Pupper is shaking the pet food industry with its wonderful food options. You must try its beef blend and you will surely want it for every day.

American Journey

American Journey is one of the youngest best dog food brands USA on the list. It was founded in 2017 and is known for offering natural and great-tasting food products for dogs at affordable prices. Despite its short lifespan, the brand has managed to get a remarkable position in major online retailers. All this is due to the production of quality dog food.

The brand uses boneless meat as the first ingredient in almost all of its dog food options. They use turkey, chicken, salmon, beef, and others. The products are available in the average range and are made with excellent value. Many of the best dog food brands do not use deboned meat as their first ingredient in the price offered by American Journey.

The brand is preferred by many dog owners due to its quality and consistency. You can buy this brand’s products from various online stores. Remember, the brand does not have its own website.


Merrick is also one of the top dog food brands, which were established over 30 years ago in Texas. Their main aim is to produce quality food products and other supplies for pets. Each ingredient present in the food products is tested for quality. They want to give the best quality food to their pets.

Due to the quality of pet food and other values, Merrick has lasted so long. When it comes to keeping dogs happy and healthy, Merrick is preferred by many dog owners in the USA and for those who want to bring tasty and nutritional foods to their dogs. The brand is known for real whole foods and quality ingredients that make Merrick one of the best dog food brands USA.

The brand offers a long list of pet food options and other products that you can buy from major local retail stores and online from Amazon and the Merrick website.

Diamond Naturals

This brand focuses more on the quality, integrity, and consistency of the long list of pet-friendly products. This family-owned company produces high-quality dog foods that are made from natural ingredients. Diamond Naturals aim to enhance the overall quality of the brand’s food by following the strict code of nutritional integrity.

The brand ensures that each ingredient in the food offers nutritional value to your dog. This makes Diamond Naturals a preferable dog food brand for many dog owners. You can get dog foods for all breeds, sizes, and ages. This brand’s food products are available online at its official website and other online pet food stores. 

Diamond NATURALS best dog food brands


Like other brands in the list, PetKind is also considered one of the top dog food brands committed to quality. The company uses a unique ingredient in most of its products, called green tripe. This ingredient is the nutrient-rich lining of the stomachs of bison, deer, and other prey animals. These products help in improving the overall look and health of your dogs.

Many customers prefer giving PetKind food products to their dogs, especially when they see their dog look happy eating them. You cannot find this powerful ingredient in most other dog food brands. Buying these products means giving quality and tasty food to your dog.

Final Words

If you are looking for top dog food brands for your furry companion, you can go through this list and find the one that best fits the health and taste of your dog.

Note, all these brands offer quality and nutritional food for pets. All you have to do is to try the brands which you think will be the best for your dog’s health. The food products of these brands can easily be available online, or you can look for them at your local retail store.