Dog grooming is more about just trimming your dog’s hair. Though it is an essential part of a healthy dog’s life, there are several things that, when combined, make proper grooming of your dog. When it is all about dogs grooming, it includes regular bathing, cleaning ears and nose, nail trimming, and other physical maintenance.

Regular grooming also helps in keeping a check on the dog’s health and determines the possible signs of any health issue. It also plays a great role in building a bond between you and your pet friend.

Whether you opt for taking the help of a professional groomer or looking forward to learning how to groom a dog at home, there are some basics that every pet owner must be aware of. This guide will help you to know all about dogs grooming.

The grooming needs depend on the type of dog breed you have as well as his coat type. You can consult the vet to know everything about your dog. Dog grooming also helps in maintaining a level of hygiene, which in turn benefits his overall health.

No doubt groomers are expertise in brushing, combing, trimming, and cleaning all kinds of dog breeds. Many of you might have to drop your dog off at the groomer’s place and pick them up after a few hours. If you are wondering what exactly a groomer does to maintain your pet’s cleanliness, you will get to know everything through this guide.

Some Facts About Grooming Of Your Dog


We all know you always want your pet to look great. So, it becomes important to sleek the coat by brushing it on a regular basis. You must know that brushing is an essential part of dog grooming as it helps prevent the buildup of dirt and debris in the coat in between his baths. Moreover, it also helps reduce the shedding in medium and long-haired dogs.

Make sure to use the right type of brush so that your dog enjoys and feels comfortable during the brushing session. Also, how often you should brush your dog depends on the type of fur he has.

  • If your dog has long hair, he needs to be brushed every day as it helps in keeping their locks shiny and untangled.
  • If your dog has medium hair, he needs to be brushed on a weekly basis to prevent matting.
  • Also if your dog has short hair, it means he requires the lowest maintenance in terms of hair grooming. He needs to be brushed every few weeks.

In addition to keeping your dog clean, brushing also gives you a great chance to build a strong bond with your dog. Brushing the coat while talking to him helps strengthen your relationship. So, you must not hesitate to brush your short-haired dog every day or on alternative days.

Coat brushing all about dogs grooming

Dog’s Bathing

Though dog bathing may not have been included in your calendar todays’ date, you should know how often to give a bath to your dog. It completely depends on the breed and lifestyle of your dog. When you are looking for all about dogs grooming, bathing comes as one of the challenging jobs.

It is recommended to give once a week baths to long-haired dogs or those who spend most of their time outdoors.

When bathing your dog, the first step is to get a good dog-specific shampoo that can easily be available from your local pet store or online. Make sure to get the one as per your dog’s fur type, age, and exceptional needs. Try to avoid getting the shampoo into their eyes as it may irritate their eyes.

Bath time is also a great way to get a regular check-up of your dog. Like, you will be able to look for the possible signs of ticks, fleas, or wounds under their coat.

The ears, belly, and collar area of all dogs are more prone to have dirt and critters, so you must pay attention to these areas. 

Bathing all about dogs grooming

Dog’s Nail Trimming

Nail is a type of dog grooming session that can be long, painful, impatient, and may have sudden flashes of rage. Many people feel uneasy about hurting their furry family members. Of course, this session is not pleasant at all for you and your pet.

Dog’s nail quick is a quite sensitive area that contains nerves and blood vessels close to their paw. If it has ever been cut accidentally, it can cause your dog to bleed and make him uncomfortable. So, before trying it first at home, the best idea is to learn from the vet how to trim your dog’s nails correctly. Another option is to just file down the nails instead of trimming them if you are not confident in this job.

If you still tremble at the thought of your dog’s nail trimming, it is recommended to make an appointment with the professional groomer and let an expert handle this situation. No matter who will trim your dog’s nails, this job must be done once a month. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, he might not require nail trimming as frequently.

Brushing Dog’s Teeth

Yes, you have heard it right. Dogs too have teeth like us, and they must also be cleaned properly and regularly. The vet recommends brushing your dog’s teeth once a day. But, if you don’t have enough time for this job, make sure to clean his teeth 2-3 times a week.

Also, be sure to use a dog’s toothpaste and never make the mistake of using human toothpaste ever. You must also use a dog-specific toothbrush or brush strips that are designed to use on the dog’s teeth without hurting him in any way. 

The best idea to make your dog familiar with this grooming job, you can start with massaging your dog’s teeth at least a week before introducing him to the toothpaste. The same way, give him time to get familiar with a toothbrush. Dog grooming is not an easy job as you might have thought of. Also read in detail about Dog Dental Cleaning

Brushing Teeth all about dogs grooming

Dog’s Hair Trimming

Talking all about dogs grooming is incomplete without discussing his hair trimming. The haircut is an essential part of the dog grooming routine, especially if you want a clean dog. Many people make mistakes when it comes to cutting a dog’s hair. Always keep in mind that this job must be given to the experienced and professional individual. 

The continually growing hair of your dog must be trimmed every 6-8 weeks, whereas long-haired dogs require trimming at least once a month. No doubt brushing your dog’s coat reduces matting, but to give extra care to your dog’s health, haircutting must not be ignored at any cost.

Trimming Coat

The professional groomer performs jobs, hair trimming, and bathing, in one visit. If you want to do these dog grooming jobs at home, make sure to know everything about them to avoid hurting your dog.

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What Not To Do When Grooming Your Dog

Though dog grooming is an essential part of your furry pet’s life, people make many mistakes when grooming their dogs. Do you know that these mistakes can make the grooming session stressed and uncomfortable not for your dog but for you as well?

Check the list of Don’ts as a part of all about dog grooming.

Don’t Rush

Would you ever like the way your hairstylist or nail technician performs their jobs in a hurry? Obviously – No. The same applies here. Grooming your pet in a rush can cause stress and can even make life-threatening mistakes, which we think you will never want.

Don’t Use Ordinary and Scented Shampoo

Always make sure to use dogs-specific shampoo, not the ordinary one. Also, ensure that the shampoo must not be scented. It is so because scented bath products can make a dog’s sensitive skin and nose irritated. So, always use unscented shampoo for your dog.

Dog Shampoo

Don’t Give a Bath to Your Dog Too Often

Yes, it is true that bathing a dog is an important dog grooming session. But, do you know that bathing too often can make his skin dry? Give him a bath only when it is necessary, like when your dog gets dirty or smelly. Also, make sure that a bath must be taken in a warm setting. Also, it is recommended to towel-dry your dog, not a blow dryer, as it can cause overheating.

Don’t Overpower Your Dog by Doing Everything at Once

If the dog grooming to-do list includes bath, nail and hair trimming, ear cleaning, hair brushing, teeth brushing, and more, never make a mistake of doing all these jobs in one session. The best way is to divide these jobs into shorter sessions. By this, it will help in avoiding your dog being stressed or restless.

Don’t Do Too Short Nail Trimming

Too short nail trimming of your dog can be painful and can also cause bleeding if they are cut improperly. Too short nails can disturb even the calm dog. So, it is very important to check for the quick to avoid bleeding and pain. If you don’t know what the quick is, the best idea to avoid any kind of mistake is to trim the tips of the nails.

Also, if the toenails get hooks on them, simply cut them. Never do a nail trimming job when your dog is not interested in doing so. Even a small jump can cut the nail inappropriately, so wait until your dog settles down.

Alternatively, to make this nail trimming session easy and stress-free is to trim just one nail at a time. If you have never cut a dog’s nails before, you can take the help of the vet to demonstrate the right procedure of nail trimming before trying to do it yourself.

Don’t Use Nail Clippers Come With a Guard

You can easily find nail clippers with a guard that is used to prevent over-trimming. But, the drawback of this product is that it will block your view. Therefore, instead of using a nail clipper with a guard, you must use your finger as a guard to prevent any mistake that can ruin your dog grooming session. Just make sure to use quality clippers.

Don’t Miss Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Never use Q-tips to clean your dog’s ears unless your vet recommends it. Instead of this, use a quality ear cleaner to clean the ears when required. It will help in preventing painful ear infections. You can also ask your vet for the best recommendations. You must also know that your dog’s ears must not get wet during bathing. If there is water and shampoo left in the ears, it can result in painful and dangerous infections.

Don’t Use Unclean Grooming Tools

You should never neglect the grooming tools of your pet. They must be clean and replaced at least every few years. Make sure that toenail clipper blades must be sharpened before you start nail trimming. The dirty tools can cause skin irritation and infections. This is the most common mistake when owner thinks he knows all about dogs grooming but using clean tool is missed out.

Don’t Give Up

When we talk all about dogs grooming, you will get a lot of tips, dos, and don’ts in this concept. Always keep in mind that nothing is impossible in this world. No doubt, a dog grooming session may be challenging for you, but it may take some time for both of you to get comfortable with grooming at home.

If you think that your dog needs a professional groomer, don’t hesitate to contact your nearby groomer that can groom your dog at home. If you are still confused, you can ask your vet for a reference. Make sure the groomer you will choose must allow you to be present with your pet all through the grooming process.

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Final Words

Always keep in mind that a clean dog is a healthy dog. So, whether you choose to groom your dog yourself or you choose a professional dog grooming service, everything must be stress-free and comfortable. And keep all about dogs grooming in mind. This will make your dog and everyone in the house happy and healthy.